Why Business Marketing Strategy Uses Promotional Products

Why Business Marketing Strategy Uses Promotional Products

Today, lots of business owners focus more on digital marketing strategy since it is considered efficient and effective in attracting more customers especially with the use of social media. Hence, many are wondering if using promotional products as part of business marketing strategy still works or not. The answer to that is yes. Promotional products are still impactful and effective on business marketing strategy. 

What are promotional products?

Promotional products are essentially branded merchandise that you can give away entirely free to your target audiences. The main purpose for giving away these products is to pique interest as well as generate buzz. It has promotional value to it and that is why many most brand still use promotional products to attract more customers. 

By giving away promotional products, you try to give good impression to the customers, making them remember your brand. Promotional products also come in various forms such as mugs, pencil, pen, eco-friendly items, or small size of your products. The most important thing of promotional products is that they are useful to the recipients. Remember that promotional products are beyond free gifts. They should be purposeful and impactful on your marketing strategy. Hence, consider making promotional products based on quality, perceived value, and general appeal. 

Promotional products to improve your marketing strategy

You can use promotional products to impress your customers and make them think positively about your brand. With useful and well-made promotional products, they will remain in your recipients’ possession for months. Hence, they keep generating impression for months, such an effective marketing strategy to use. 

Psychological implications

Your target audiences always want promotional products especially if they are useful and meaningful. Not to mention if they have such interesting design to look at. There is psychological implications promotional products can have on your target audience. Receiving freebies generally make people feel a great sense of accomplishment like they have earned something valuable. This is a positive feeling you need to aim from giving away promotional products. It can lead to good impression and turn into loyalty later. 

There is also tendency to give back when we receive something. It also happens when audience receive freebie or other forms of promotional products, making them want to give something back. And the way for the to give back is by sharing the products with others (indirect promotional benefit for business/brand), or buy more products from your brand.  Both are valuable benefits for you. 

How to choose the right promotional products

You need to consider various factors when deciding the type of promotional products to give to your target audience. And for these products to serve their purpose, you need to consider several points such as define your target audience’s age and key interests first. Then, decide how much money you are comfortable spending on promotional products. Then, narrow down the list to only a few items. Lastly, consider the most effective distribution option to choose. Only then you can use the products and let people know more about your brand.

How Learning to Dive in Bali Helps Your Growth as A Better Person

How Learning to Dive in Bali Helps Your Growth as A Better Person

Scuba diving is not just a hobby. Getting people immersed in another world, surrounded by only the blueness of water, and meeting all kind of majestic creatures from the ocean, we’ve seen firsthand how scuba diving transform people. Scuba diving literally allows you to step out from your comfort zone, both body and soul. So as Bali opened again, it’s a good time to try diving adventure and see how diving in this beautiful island helps your growth as a person.

The Stunning Dive Sites in Bali Changes How You View the World

Scuba diving allows you to experience a fascinating new world under the surface. A world full of unique ecosystems, vibrant aquatic life, and scenery you never knew existed. Witnessing all of that life transforms your perspective of the world and your place within it.

Travelling for Scuba Diving Helps Expanding Your Knowledge

One of the most fascinating aspects of scuba diving is the opportunity to go to new places. You can dive practically everywhere, whether in balmy tropical waters or freezing, life-rich Arctic waters. There is a destination for every dive or marine life enthusiast. Bali, for one, might be more famous for its beaches, beach clubs, rice terraces, and towering temples. However, this tiny island in Indonesia also treasures dozens of jaw-dropping dive sites beneath its blue water. It means travelling to Bali for scuba diving would also expose you to new cultures, places, and iconic wildlife encounters, all of which improve your life. Learning to scuba dive is one of the best ways to broaden your mind.

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Getting Immersed in the Ocean Life of Bali is A Great Form of Therapy

Getting Immersed in the Ocean Life of Bali is A Great Form of Therapy

Quarantine for weeks or months at a time can certainly have a bad impact on your mental health. When you start scuba diving, you’ll see why so many men and women refer to it as a form of therapy or meditation.

There are no words to describe how fantastic it is to be able to breathe underwater while being surrounded by the most gorgeous portion of our world. When you step into the water, you can’t help but forget about your troubles and problems, even only for a short time.

Scuba Diving Can Help with Your Burnout and Anxiety

Although diving is physically demanding, the mental and emotional rewards make it even more worthwhile. Scuba diving has aided many people in overcoming burnout, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. It will teach you how to face your fears and get the courage you need to dive into the ocean and into life.

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The Physical Exercise That Comes with Diving Keep You Fit

Diving is a strenuous physical activity. You’ll need all your might to get into your wetsuit and carry your tanks. Then you’ll have to jump, roll, fin, and swim in your complete gear. Diving will help you burn calories, get your heart pounding, and your lungs working if you’ve gained some extra weight.

Scuba Diving in Bali Helps You to Find New Friends

Introverts will find that scuba diving increases their self-assurance while meeting new people. Scuba divers quickly form bonds of friendship. It’s simple to express oneself in the casual setting on the diving boat returning to the dive center and at the dive center after the dive. Due to its popularity as destination island, Bali itself is quite popular among tourists from all around the world.  Before you know it, you’ll already planning trip together with new friends you find in the dive boat!

It is simple to have a good time when you are at ease with the people around you. Dive centers frequently have diving clubs whose members dive together and even travel together internationally.

Mitigating Tax Burden Of Your Small Business

Saving as much on your taxes as possible can help optimizing your business’s profit. There are many business owners out there finding themselves forced out of the marketplace due to tax issue. The most common reason is the exuberant tax rates that are suffocating, especially for small business owners. It is important for you to mitigate your overall tax burden and help your business gain the profit deserves. You can do it by seeking out special tax loopholes and writing off certain equipment on your taxes. 

Useful tax-saving tips to help lesson your business’s burden

For big corporations, taxes might not be that big of an issue. Aside from having the right team to deal with it, they also have enough resources to help them deal with it easily. However, it is different for small business that has not enough resources to help them deal with tax burden. And if you are struggling like other entrepreneurs, here are several tax-saving tips to consider:

Keep a comprehensive track record

One of the most common reasons why many business owners get a bad deal on their taxes is they are failing in keeping a comprehensive track record of their expenses. You can make your own way to track your taxes even without professional help. Make your expense tracking as easy as possible for you to comprehend. You may consider using one of digital software that is good use for the long run. 

Write off some of tax expenses

Get familiar with easy-to-obtain tax deduction to help you save huge sums of money as time goes on. You can write off some of your high-tech gadgets such as computers, smartphone, and certain software to help your business the money it needs to survive. Use some of your high-tech, expensive hardware to claim a tax deduction. Make a thorough checking across your entire company to see if you can find previous investments that don’t have to come at an immense cost to your business’s longevity. 

Take advantage of work from home

You can deduct certain things which are essential toward your working from home. You can check expenses relating to your home office such as insurance or utilities and see if there are instances you can write off. Working from home has its own benefits especially in tax deduction if you can find the right things to write off properly and save some money. 

Strive to go green

Becoming energy efficient can help save money as well as help the environment. There are tax credits for individuals and businesses who strive to become more energy efficient or go green. You can leverage this in your marketing materials to appeal more Eco-conscious consumers who want to support brand or company that care about the planet.

Consider hiring veterans

Veterans have experience in military and other qualities that make them good at following order, maintaining discipline, etc. In addition, they also have access to unique tax credits that can help you save sums of money in the long run.

The Overlooked Costs of Running A Luxury Vacation Rental in Bali

The Overlooked Costs of Running A Luxury Vacation Rental in Bali

Owning luxury villas in Bali as a side business is surely fun and lucrative! You can pour all of your creativity into space, meet interesting guests from all around the world as well as making money from it. It is a wise investment indeed, if you know how to manage the money properly. Because—like every other business—there are occasionally hidden fees and overlooked costs. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most typical overlooked costs of running a villa rental in Bali. 

The Cost of Decorating Your Luxury Villas Bali

When it comes to short-term rental visitors, more are looking for a unique style, so it’s critical to put thought and attention into the furniture and decor. When it comes to furniture, it’s ideal to avoid cutting corners to save money – not only will guests appreciate the quality, but cheap pieces will need to be replaced much sooner. (Estate sales and secondhand shops are good places to look for savings if you’re on a limited budget.)

Many new hosts go over budget when it comes to furnishing because they plan for the big ticket items like beds and dining room tables but overlook the small touches like shower curtains and lamps.

Providing Toiletries and Supplies

When guests arrive at a luxury vacation rental in Bali, they expect to find sheets, pillows, towels, toilet paper, and other necessities. Failure to supply these materials is, in fact, one of the quickest ways to receive a poor rating on online booking systems. If you expect your property to have frequent turnovers, you’ll need many sets of each so that they may be rapidly swapped out before the next visitors arrive.

Consider the amount of hospitality you want to provide your visitors, and budget for goods that will win them over. Coffee pods, bathrobes, extra amenities, a basket of local food, and recreational equipment like bikes or kayaks are all common perks highlighted in reviews.

The Cost of Cleaning Your Vacation Rental

The Cost of Cleaning Your Luxury Bali Villas

Many guests are accustomed to paying for a cleaning fee when they book a short-term rental, but calculating your costs and setting a price will take some time. Average cleaning fees on airbnb bali vila range from $65 for small spaces to upwards of $200 for large homes with more than six bedrooms.

Start by requesting quotes from cleaning services in your area and decide whether you will mark-up the cleaning fee to account for the time spent booking and managing the service.

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Unexpected Use of Utilities

You may be an expert at conserving energy, but that doesn’t guarantee that your guests will switch off lights when they leave the room or keep the air conditioning at a comfortable temperature. When budgeting for utilities, be generous and consider it a plus if your expenses are lower than projected.

The Insurance for Your Luxury Villas Bali

Spend some time on Facebook groups for short-term rentals or Google “holiday rental horror stories,” and you’ll be ready to get the most complete insurance coverage available to protect yourself and your short-term rental. While insurance is a real life-saver in times when something unwanted happened in your vacation rental, paying it per month can be a real cost. 

The Cost of Maintaining Your Vacation Rental in Perfect Condition

The Cost of Maintaining Your Luxury Bali Villas in Perfect Condition

Unfortunately, the cost of doing Bali villa business includes plumbing emergencies and broken furniture. The costs of emergency repairs and upkeep on appliances, plumbing, and electrical systems, as well as gardening, pest treatment, painting touch-ups, and property restoration, can quickly mount for new hosts.

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Fees for Property Management

One of the common problems of many owners of luxury villas Bali is remote property management. If you are a foreign investor, you probably cannot spend the entire year in Bali. When you are back in your country, 

When you are not present, you will require someone to look after your property as well as the visitors that are staying in your home. The cost of a property manager varies depending on the sort of vacation home you buy, but you should budget between $110 and $250 per month.

Dealing With The Speed Of Change And Disruptions When Running Business

How to deal with rapid changes and unexpected disruptions

Transformation nowadays is not a singular event many businesses liked to treat as in the past. Today, transformation is not something that is driven by one objective. It is because what happens to businesses today is constant change. It will be harder for any business to survive, let alone move forward if there is no ability to transform accordingly. Ongoing transformation is something any business should embrace to grow into successful enterprise. 

How to deal with rapid changes and unexpected disruptions

Running business requires you to sense and monitor what is happening around you. Then, grasp everything to the better understanding if there is any implication to your business in any way. They, you take actions accordingly. Agility is essential for your business to perform at best potential. And here are ways to do to develop agility within your business:

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Instead of shying away from experimentation, encourage your team to do it every once in  a while. Not to mention that the speed of change and disruption in this digital era is nothing to joke about. It is hard to deal with without your business being agile. As the leader of your company, foster a culture of experimentation. 

You can do it by granting all your employees the permission to fail. It helps a lot in accelerating discovery and innovation which is not easy to generate in today’s digital-driven world. By encouraging experimentation to your employees, it will be resulted in high quality solutions as well as products for your stakeholders. Even if the experimentation failed, celebrate your team for being brave to take chances. This will help them to stay motivated and excited to keep trying until they succeed. 

Encourage collaboration

Two-way dialogue always results in better outcomes because it involves various feedbacks that can be used as data to find solutions. Group-project management practices should be encouraged more within your company to allow people work better. It is because in a group, a bunch of different people can work together and covering each other’s weakness while boosting each other’s potential and skills. 

In today’s situation where the pandemic is still ongoing, virtual collaboration is possible to make. In fact, it is one of the most effective solutions for higher productivity in general. It is a great way to collect feedback from stakeholders and customers in real time virtually. Not to mention that the group consists of wide diversity through virtual collaboration like this. It results in broader perspectives and insights. 

Investing in training

Facilitate and encourage your team and employees to carve out their time for training. There are many subjects to focus on for the training such as improving digital tools and technologies skills. Provide a subject that focus on training your employees to think differently and creatively. Make sure the training coursework involves variety of techniques and approaches. This kind of training allows your business to grow and thrive in today’s hyper-competitive. Ever-changing environment. Your should never let your business complacent. 

How to Keep Your Villa Ubud Running on Shoulder Season!

How to Keep Your Villa Ubud Running on Shoulder Season II

During shoulder season, how can you call in guests? The travel time between your peak and off-peak seasons is known as the shoulder season. There are strategies to attract visitors during the shoulder months no matter where you are. October through November and January to March would most likely be considered shoulder season in Bali. Families that travel over the summer months while school is out of session are still making reservations. However, you aren’t getting as many bookings as you were throughout these wet months—when it’s usually raining in Bali. So, how to keep your Ubud villas thrive and kicking during these times?

Digital Campaign: Use Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the best ways to reach potential clients if you want to get your hotel in front of a certain audience. To optimize your exposure to consumers looking for hotels in your area, target customers in your drive market or on specific direct fly routes!

Harness the Power of Social Media for Your Ubud Villas

Harness the Power of Social Media for Your Ubud Villas

When it comes to raising brand recognition, social media is one of the most effective strategies. Use catchy taglines and stunning photography to highlight what a shoulder season in your location might bring to visitors! To promote an article and reach more potential visitors, use the boost function. Remember to include a link to a special offer, a specific room, or your booking engine!

Create Monthly Post with SEO-Driven Contents

Blog is a powerful tool to keep your business relevant and drive new traffic no matter what’s the season is. Is there a festival or event around the Ubud area that guests could be interested in during the shoulder season? Write a blog entry about it in addition to promoting the Ubud villas on Facebook or Instagram! Make sure you target your keywords at least a couple of months ahead of time to allow it time to rank on Google.

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Partner Up with Local Business Around Your Area!

One of the simplest ways to do this is to discover the restaurant where you frequently recommend your guests and form a partnership with them. Purchase $50-100 gift certificates for the restaurant, incorporate the cost in your wet season getaway package, and assist your prospective guest avoid the burden of vacation preparation. Also, check to see whether the restaurant (or any other local business) is willing to promote you in their marketing, such as through social media posts and email campaigns. If you own a tiny B&B, you’d be amazed how keen other local companies are to collaborate on marketing efforts that benefit everyone. You can also try to partner up with yoga studio and create a special package. For example, three nights in your 2 bedroom pool villa Ubud with one sunrise yoga package in ABC studio!

Research the Demand Around Your Villa Ubud

Fads come and go, but some hobbies are bound to pique people’s interest. Geocaching is an example of a rising market with long-term characteristics and slowly increasing worldwide attention. Investigate demand by Googling terms related to the niche and counting the number of queries received in the previous month. What is the total number of results? This may be an excellent niche to deal with if there is a high demand for knowledge but poor returns in terms of the number of pages offered.

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Plan for the Shoulder Season in Advance—Even During the Summer

Successful marketing efforts don’t appear out of nowhere, whether you manage a villa, a hotel, bed and breakfast or a vacation rental firm. The only way to ensure success is to know when your shoulder season is and to plan for it well in advance. When traffic begins to slow, having an actionable strategy in place and ready to go will allow you to concentrate on what matters most: the visitors!

Reopening Your Business Safely And Successfully

Reopening Your Business Safely And Successfully

Reopening business after being in the low for almost two years must be exciting for you. However, it can be stressful as well because you are being hunted with any possibilities of failures during those hard times. It is like the last two years are enough to give any business trauma to move forward. However, the vaccination rate is increasing which means it is time for entrepreneurs to gear up and return to ‘normal’, as normal as it can be. 

What to do to reopen your business safely and successfully

Reopening business can very challenging especially after the pandemic. In fact, the pandemic is still on going and has not been fully contained. There is always a risk for outbreaks and other unexpected situation. It may make you doubt your decision to reopen. The most important thing of it all is to also include your customers and team’s need into consideration. 

Prioritize the health of your team

Your team including all your employees should be in your top priority. Let them know that you prioritize their physical and mental well-beings. Hence, empower it to them by creating the ability for them to make their own decision in preserving their health. Give them flexible sick leaves, option of remote working, and overall standard wellness for the entire office. 

Take safety precaution

Make sure that your employees are all vaccinated. Provide them paid time off during the workday to get vaccinated as well as free transport to the nearby clinics. Make sure to record proof of vaccination. Take safety precautions by using one-way-system, social distancing, deep cleaning, regular testing, and more. Don’t get complacent just because the situation is getting better. 

Provide flexible working arrangements

Provide flexible working arrangements

A return to normality is important to keep the growth of your business. Hence, it is important to provide more flexibility to the working arrangements for your employees. Give the option of remote work from home, work from the office, and hybrid work mode. Remember that back to normal doesn’t always mean everything should return to the way it was before the pandemic. The world has shifted significantly and your business need to pivot accordingly to stay afloat.

Understand your team’s needs and concerns

Some of your employees might not feel as safe to be back to the office. Instead of giving them ultimatum or threat, it is best to provide them a sense of safety. Try to get better understanding the cause of their worries or concerns. Then, find more customized solutions to help achieve goals. Make sure that your approach in this allows your team to grow together safely. 

Build open communication with customers

Your customers should be in your top list priority. They also have their own worries regarding to the situation with the global pandemic. To make sure that you understand their needs, build open communication. Find as much information as possible because it can be what pave you to the right path with your business as well. Talking to your customers is a way to open the gate.

Owning A Property in Bali: Understand the Interior Game

Owning A Property in Bali - Understand the Interior Game

Having a good property in prime locations in Bali is not enough if you want your business to strike success. You need to take interior designing pretty seriously. For any short-term rental owner, working on Airbnb interior design is a must. Travelers today are getting increasingly spoiled for hundreds of choices for vacation rentals! Interior design that is unappealing and impracticable might have an impact on your occupancy rate and, as a result, your ROI.

A well-thought-out, appealing design, on the other hand, can encourage additional bookings. We’ve selected the top tips for styling your vacation rental that will help you create a beautiful location that will attract more guests and provide a memorable guest experience every time.

Think About Your Niche Before Decorating Your Bali Property

When it comes to interior design of villa rentals in Bali, it’s critical to keep your visitors’ wants in mind. You should identify a specific type of guests to target to make this assignment more practical.

This should be done before you start looking for furnishings because the sort of guest you choose will influence the design and furniture options. It should be made for the convenience of the niche you’ve chosen. Workationers, for example, will enjoy a comfortable working desk, whilst travelers with dogs (or children) will value a well-organized outside area.

Decorate the Vacation Rental Around A Theme

Decorate the Vacation Rental Around A Theme

You can choose a themed design to transform your Bali real estate into something spectacular. This strategy might also work well if you’re in a crowded market because it will help you stand out. If you have a coastal property, for example, you may go with the classic blue-white of go quirky with mermaid theme. 

Even if your area isn’t particularly congested, you might want to consider using a unique vacation rental interior design strategy because demand for unique vacation house in Bali is growing. According to Airbnb, searches for unusual stays are outnumbering searches for more typical options.

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Adjust the Interior Design to Your Villa Bali Area

The interior design of your property rental in Bali should represent the location of your house. If you have a rustic mountain home in Ubud or Kintamani, for example, it makes little sense to provide beach towels. In other words, you want to make sure that your style is appropriate for the location of your property.

Give A Personal Touch that Tells A Story

While many hosts believe that developing a general design that can appeal to any and all types of guests is a smart idea, this is not what guests desire.

Rather, houses with personalized touches that communicate a story about the host and place are more popular with visitors. You can achieve this impact by include a few odd, amusing pieces that inspire attention and intrigue, such as a little figurine or local ceramics.

Earning Passive Income From Property Investment

Earning Passive Income From Property Investment

If you aim to be a successful person, you need to take as many as opportunities while you can. And if you aim to be a successful person with financial independence, creating multiple revenue streams sounds like a good idea. And you have seen how the pandemic has affected almost everyone. And for those who have multiple revenue streams seem to be doing well during crisis because at least they have back up to keep them afloat until they can get back on track. Property investment can be your source of passive income if you can organize it right. 

Running a rental to gain passive income

You can run your business while earning passive income from renting out your property. If you are new to property investment, it may sound overwhelming because you think about how to properly rent it, how to organize it and keep it clean, how to promote it, and which location should you choose to buy a good property that attract people. And here are tips for you to organize your property investment properly:

Promote your property

Promotion today is not really a big deal because there are so many platforms you can use even for free. Internet is the largest platform you can use to market your space because it can reach larger audience. For the starter, you can make a website to look professional. Also, even though you have the third party, you can add some details on your own website. Or, you can also make a social media account specifically for your property to make it easier for your prospects to reach you out.

Keep everything organized nicely

Even though property investment is like your second child, you still need to organize it well. Make sure to create simple process to keep your time and documents properly organized. Make separate folder for your property investment so you can track it well. Also, set aside a specific amount of time for you to check on your rentals daily. You can do it for about thirty to sixty minutes a day to respond inquiries, update social media, etc. 

Add your personal touches to your rentals

Having clean and organized rental is like a basic. And you can level it up by making it more unique than the average rentals by adding your personal touches for your guests. For example, send your guests handwritten cards or arrival gift. You can also put some books and games or leave some snacks and beverages for them to enjoy during their stay. 

Make sure to keep your rental free of clutters

Decluttering your rental space is important to keep your guests comfortable during their stay. You don’t have to put unnecessary knick-knacks in your rental especially if they don’t have any emotional connection whatsoever. Even if you want to put something as decoration, keep it minimal. Give space for your guests to store their personal belongings. If your property is purely for rental, do not leave your personal items since they won’t be useful for your guests anyway. 

Preparing Your Villa Ubud Bali for Christmas Holiday!

Preparing Your Villa Ubud Bali for Christmas Holiday!
Image source: Instagram/@bridgesbali

People will be ready to schedule vacations and trips for 2021 as soon as COVID19 travel restrictions are lifted. Families, friends, and couples are busy crafting holiday wish lists and looking at properties for their first trip after COVID19. It’s time to get organised in order to increase your chances of being hired. And as Bali’s governor announce Bali’s reopening in November, this is certainly a good news. What does it means for your villa business in Ubud Bali? 

With the reopening plan of Bali in November (news source here), fully-vaccinated guest might be planning to spend Christmas and New Year in this resort island. Tourism makes Christmas in Bali always feel magical—a perfect destination for travelers who want to escape chilly winter. So how to prepare your villa in Ubud for this December and get ready when booking peaks?

Create Special Christmas Bundles for Your Ubud Villa Bali

Create some holiday-themed packages or discounts that you may offer as limited-time deals. This is a fantastic way to re-engage prior visitors. If you have a lot of repeat visitors, this is a good time to ask them what they like to see in a holiday vacation rental. You are the greatest person to know your customers, therefore attempt to match your adjustments to what will make their stay memorable.

Warmly Welcome Your Guests with Christmas-Inspired Gift Basket

Warmly Welcome Your Guests with Christmas-Inspired Gift Basket
Image source: Pinterest/It’s A Pinteresting Life

This gift should remain small, but thoughtful. A great idea is a basket with some hot cocoa, tea, or even apple cider mix. You could also bake some Christmas cookies and leave them on a decorative plate. In case you have some coffee lovers, you could leave a couple Christmas mugs. All of these small things will totally make guests’ holiday at your private villa Ubud feel special.

Set Minimum Stay in Your Property

A minimum rental length will be an important aspect of your vacation rental. Even if you don’t manage a vacation rental home, the stress of the holidays can be overwhelming. Don’t rush to prepare your property for the second wave of visitors with short notice. Require a minimum length of stay.

A three-day minimum is a smart place to start because it eliminates the possibility of guests departing on Christmas Eve and new guests arriving on Christmas Day. This eliminates any potential hassles or stressors in your villa Ubud. This way, guests are more likely to book for longer lengths of time as a result. In between visitor cycles, it also allows you and any of your regular services to relax and enjoy the holidays.

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Preparing Christmas Decoration for Your Ubud Villas

Preparing Christmas Decoration for Your Ubud Villas
Image source: Instagram/@stoncausa

Bring in the magical Christmas inside your Ubud vacation rental. You don’t have to go overboard with decorations; even a small quantity will create a joyful mood for your guests.

Christmas Tree

Every area could use some festive happiness, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can choose a little Christmas tree if you don’t want to set up a large one. Add a tree skirt and some fake presents, and you’ve got yourself an Ubud house suitable for Santa Claus.

Lighten Up Your Ubud Villa Bali

Another option is to decorate a portion of the house with white Christmas lights, which you can do if your rental has a front porch or stairs. Consider putting a colorful wreath on your front entrance to make a positive first impression. To make your guests feel warm and snug while they settle on the couch, place a few red and green Christmas ornaments in a medium-sized glass bowl on the coffee table.

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Get Festives

Consider simple pine garland over a doorframe and a wreath above the fireplace as Christmas and seasonal touches. You might also profit from not being too precise when it comes to decorating. Use fall and winter colors to decorate snowmen and pine cones. You may also add some candles to the mix to assist fill the room with festive scents. The key is to make it feel welcoming without being overbearing to your visitors.