Dealing With The Speed Of Change And Disruptions When Running Business

How to deal with rapid changes and unexpected disruptions

Transformation nowadays is not a singular event many businesses liked to treat as in the past. Today, transformation is not something that is driven by one objective. It is because what happens to businesses today is constant change. It will be harder for any business to survive, let alone move forward if there is no ability to transform accordingly. Ongoing transformation is something any business should embrace to grow into successful enterprise. 

How to deal with rapid changes and unexpected disruptions

Running business requires you to sense and monitor what is happening around you. Then, grasp everything to the better understanding if there is any implication to your business in any way. They, you take actions accordingly. Agility is essential for your business to perform at best potential. And here are ways to do to develop agility within your business:

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Instead of shying away from experimentation, encourage your team to do it every once in  a while. Not to mention that the speed of change and disruption in this digital era is nothing to joke about. It is hard to deal with without your business being agile. As the leader of your company, foster a culture of experimentation. 

You can do it by granting all your employees the permission to fail. It helps a lot in accelerating discovery and innovation which is not easy to generate in today’s digital-driven world. By encouraging experimentation to your employees, it will be resulted in high quality solutions as well as products for your stakeholders. Even if the experimentation failed, celebrate your team for being brave to take chances. This will help them to stay motivated and excited to keep trying until they succeed. 

Encourage collaboration

Two-way dialogue always results in better outcomes because it involves various feedbacks that can be used as data to find solutions. Group-project management practices should be encouraged more within your company to allow people work better. It is because in a group, a bunch of different people can work together and covering each other’s weakness while boosting each other’s potential and skills. 

In today’s situation where the pandemic is still ongoing, virtual collaboration is possible to make. In fact, it is one of the most effective solutions for higher productivity in general. It is a great way to collect feedback from stakeholders and customers in real time virtually. Not to mention that the group consists of wide diversity through virtual collaboration like this. It results in broader perspectives and insights. 

Investing in training

Facilitate and encourage your team and employees to carve out their time for training. There are many subjects to focus on for the training such as improving digital tools and technologies skills. Provide a subject that focus on training your employees to think differently and creatively. Make sure the training coursework involves variety of techniques and approaches. This kind of training allows your business to grow and thrive in today’s hyper-competitive. Ever-changing environment. Your should never let your business complacent.