Finding Your Target Audience’s Paint Points

In business, discovering your target audience’s pain points is crucial. The meaning of pain point here is the specific problems that your business prospects have on their daily basis. It can also be issues they encounter while using your products or services. Knowing your target audience’s pain points allows you to understand them better. Hence, you know how to position yourself and communicate with them more effectively. Also, you will know what to provide to help them fixing their problems and issues. 

How to find your target audience’s paint points

Finding Your Target Audience’s Paint Points

It is challenging to discover target audience’s paint points more often than not. However, it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you thought it could be. You can accomplish your mission to find your target audience’s pain points using these approaches.

Identify the problems

Ask your target audience about their pain points. You don’t have to go around anywhere else and just focus on your audience. You can simplify things by asking them directly. You can use phone calls, emails, or face to face. Amongst those three, face to face method is considered the most effective to do. This way won’t allow you to guesswork. That can cause misunderstanding. Your audience’s feedback is valuable regardless if they are negative or positive. Collect as many stories as possible from your audience in a comfortable manner without being forceful or intimidating. 

Listen to the audience

Listen to what your audience say attentively. Sometimes, it is more difficult than it should be for many businesses to just listen. Listening to your audience in attentive way is the only way you can understand what their problems are. By listening to them attentively, you have already done half of the job because you show your compassion and authenticity through it. This is how your customers will feel cared for and valued.

Respond to the feedback

Respond to the feedback

Do not ignore feedback you receive from your online platforms. Sometimes, your audiences feel more comfortable speaking out behind their screen. It makes them more honest. Hence, you need also collect the feedback you gain from online platforms and take them seriously. However, you need to know how to differentiate between criticism and haters comments. If the feedback are just haters comments then do not waste your time and focus on feedback that can truly help you understand your audience better. 

Utilise the survey 

Conduct a survey to your current customers to collect feedback efficiently. There are many tools you can use to conduct a survey so you can hand out surveys to large number of people. Also, it is best to ask questions that can make your audience tell stories with more details especially when you ask your audience in person. 

Data analysis

After discovering your target audience’s pain points, you need to use the data you collect to your advantage. Most importantly, you should plan how to provide better for your customers. The information you have collected can be used for your future business decisions. Addressing your customers’ pain points will also make them feel more valued and appreciated, hence, bring more loyalty for your business.