How to Keep Your Villa Ubud Running on Shoulder Season!

How to Keep Your Villa Ubud Running on Shoulder Season II

During shoulder season, how can you call in guests? The travel time between your peak and off-peak seasons is known as the shoulder season. There are strategies to attract visitors during the shoulder months no matter where you are. October through November and January to March would most likely be considered shoulder season in Bali. Families that travel over the summer months while school is out of session are still making reservations. However, you aren’t getting as many bookings as you were throughout these wet months—when it’s usually raining in Bali. So, how to keep your Ubud villas thrive and kicking during these times?

Digital Campaign: Use Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the best ways to reach potential clients if you want to get your hotel in front of a certain audience. To optimize your exposure to consumers looking for hotels in your area, target customers in your drive market or on specific direct fly routes!

Harness the Power of Social Media for Your Ubud Villas

Harness the Power of Social Media for Your Ubud Villas

When it comes to raising brand recognition, social media is one of the most effective strategies. Use catchy taglines and stunning photography to highlight what a shoulder season in your location might bring to visitors! To promote an article and reach more potential visitors, use the boost function. Remember to include a link to a special offer, a specific room, or your booking engine!

Create Monthly Post with SEO-Driven Contents

Blog is a powerful tool to keep your business relevant and drive new traffic no matter what’s the season is. Is there a festival or event around the Ubud area that guests could be interested in during the shoulder season? Write a blog entry about it in addition to promoting the Ubud villas on Facebook or Instagram! Make sure you target your keywords at least a couple of months ahead of time to allow it time to rank on Google.

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Partner Up with Local Business Around Your Area!

One of the simplest ways to do this is to discover the restaurant where you frequently recommend your guests and form a partnership with them. Purchase $50-100 gift certificates for the restaurant, incorporate the cost in your wet season getaway package, and assist your prospective guest avoid the burden of vacation preparation. Also, check to see whether the restaurant (or any other local business) is willing to promote you in their marketing, such as through social media posts and email campaigns. If you own a tiny B&B, you’d be amazed how keen other local companies are to collaborate on marketing efforts that benefit everyone. You can also try to partner up with yoga studio and create a special package. For example, three nights in your 2 bedroom pool villa Ubud with one sunrise yoga package in ABC studio!

Research the Demand Around Your Villa Ubud

Fads come and go, but some hobbies are bound to pique people’s interest. Geocaching is an example of a rising market with long-term characteristics and slowly increasing worldwide attention. Investigate demand by Googling terms related to the niche and counting the number of queries received in the previous month. What is the total number of results? This may be an excellent niche to deal with if there is a high demand for knowledge but poor returns in terms of the number of pages offered.

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Plan for the Shoulder Season in Advance—Even During the Summer

Successful marketing efforts don’t appear out of nowhere, whether you manage a villa, a hotel, bed and breakfast or a vacation rental firm. The only way to ensure success is to know when your shoulder season is and to plan for it well in advance. When traffic begins to slow, having an actionable strategy in place and ready to go will allow you to concentrate on what matters most: the visitors!