Foolproof Tips on Building Pet Friendly, Luxury Villas in Bali

Foolproof Tips on Building Pet Friendly, Luxury Villas in Bali

Do you know that vacation rental properties in Bali could dropped by half when you tick the “pet-friendly” checkbox? Finding a vacation house for pet pawrents is such a struggle—in contrast with Bali’s friendly nature to feline and canine companions. Many luxury establishments shun furry companions for fear of ruined furnitures, surface staining, and other unmanageable damages. If you see the matter from business lens, this means less competition for pet-friendly luxury villas in Bali. So why you should consider starting a luxury pet-friendly vacation rentals and how to do it right?

Why you should welcome pets to your luxury villa Bali 

When it comes to managing short-term vacation rentals, the more people who are interested in your listings, the better. You may have already made investments to make your apartments suited for families, commuters, and college students, but have you considered extending a warm welcome to the world’s four-legged travelers?

Why you should welcome pets to your luxury villa Bali

To begin with, there is a sizable demand for pet-friendly, luxury villas in Bali. According to a TripAdvisor survey, more than half of pet owners bring their furry companions on vacation. The next thing you’ll want to know is that, due to high demand, there aren’t many pet-friendly short-term holiday rental options. On top of that pet owners are willing to pay more for pet-friendly vacation rental as pet hotels could be very expensive and nobody likes to leave their paw-companion behind. Allowing pets is a terrific way to boost bookings and appeal to a wider range of customers. In fact, according to a recent HomeAway Voices poll, 31% of pet owners would prefer to go somewhere that allows them to bring their pet.

Deposit charge fees for pets

If you travel frequently with your pet, you’re probably aware with additional pet expenses. Animals are less concerned about the well-being of your property than human visitors, so regardless of the precautions you take, you should expect some minor damage from time to time. You can use the deposit charge to cover for stains or damaged furnitures caused by the pets. 

Setting boundaries of pet-allowed areas

Setting boundaries of pet-allowed areas

You’ll also want to establish clear ground rules for your visitors and their canine companions. Don’t presume they’re aware that the bed is off-limits, or that the china bowls in the cabinet are off-limits. Tell your visitors that you’d like them to maintain all animal activity within the limits you’ve set. While dogs and cats are generally allowed in living room and kitchen, you might want to keep them from bedrooms. If this is the case, a little investment in some interior gates (usually intended to keep newborns away from stairwells and other potentially dangerous areas) is a simple answer.

Pet-proofing your luxury villas Bali 

The most important thing when you want to build pet friendly exclusive Bali villas is by pet-proofing it. Consider acquiring a sofa cover for when you have animal-accompanied guests and relocating all fragile or edible things to higher areas. Choose a pet-friendly flooring. Scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, comfy, and attractive pet-friendly flooring is perfect. Don’t forget about the curtain and make sure you buy a high-quality one.  Blinds, shutters, and curtains are among the most commonly damaged products in a household with pets. They’re regularly eaten or scratched by dogs or cats.

Keep your vacation rental as simple as possible around the floor, as this is where most pets spend their time. Examine your property and its decorations with care. Make sure they’re out of reach of even the most powerful dogs. Also, stay away from flimsy, easily broken products.

Sofa defences strategy

Sofa defences strategy

Sofa is a bit tricky when it comes to pet-friendly villas. This is the area where pets are allowed yet it mostly suffered from scratch, stain, and other damaged causes by the pets. The best defence for sofa is by throwing a sofa cover to protect against stains and use heavy and tightly woven cloth that endures pet activities. Patterned or brightly colored fabric also does better at concealing stain marks than plain ones.

Go above and beyond with toys and distractions

Pets on the move are likely to be nervous. Because guests invariably leave pets alone, they get uneasy and more inclined to cause mayhem. Including a variety of diversions is a good idea because it prevents dogs from chewing on your furnishings. Provide scratching posts, bones, and dog and cats toys in your luxury villas to keep them occupied. 

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A luxurious welcoming gifts for the furry friends

You work hard to provide a fantastic experience for your guests at your house and maintain your reputation as one of the best luxury villas in Bali. So why not do the same for their pets? Providing welcome gifts to your guests can result in amazing reviews, and providing a surprise for their pet will almost certainly do the same. Get chew toys, food bowls, tasty treats, and even a canine bed or cat scratching post. You’ll get a lot of happy wagging tails, as well as some great reviews that would attract more visitors in the future!

Finding Your Target Audience’s Paint Points

In business, discovering your target audience’s pain points is crucial. The meaning of pain point here is the specific problems that your business prospects have on their daily basis. It can also be issues they encounter while using your products or services. Knowing your target audience’s pain points allows you to understand them better. Hence, you know how to position yourself and communicate with them more effectively. Also, you will know what to provide to help them fixing their problems and issues. 

How to find your target audience’s paint points

Finding Your Target Audience’s Paint Points

It is challenging to discover target audience’s paint points more often than not. However, it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you thought it could be. You can accomplish your mission to find your target audience’s pain points using these approaches.

Identify the problems

Ask your target audience about their pain points. You don’t have to go around anywhere else and just focus on your audience. You can simplify things by asking them directly. You can use phone calls, emails, or face to face. Amongst those three, face to face method is considered the most effective to do. This way won’t allow you to guesswork. That can cause misunderstanding. Your audience’s feedback is valuable regardless if they are negative or positive. Collect as many stories as possible from your audience in a comfortable manner without being forceful or intimidating. 

Listen to the audience

Listen to what your audience say attentively. Sometimes, it is more difficult than it should be for many businesses to just listen. Listening to your audience in attentive way is the only way you can understand what their problems are. By listening to them attentively, you have already done half of the job because you show your compassion and authenticity through it. This is how your customers will feel cared for and valued.

Respond to the feedback

Respond to the feedback

Do not ignore feedback you receive from your online platforms. Sometimes, your audiences feel more comfortable speaking out behind their screen. It makes them more honest. Hence, you need also collect the feedback you gain from online platforms and take them seriously. However, you need to know how to differentiate between criticism and haters comments. If the feedback are just haters comments then do not waste your time and focus on feedback that can truly help you understand your audience better. 

Utilise the survey 

Conduct a survey to your current customers to collect feedback efficiently. There are many tools you can use to conduct a survey so you can hand out surveys to large number of people. Also, it is best to ask questions that can make your audience tell stories with more details especially when you ask your audience in person. 

Data analysis

After discovering your target audience’s pain points, you need to use the data you collect to your advantage. Most importantly, you should plan how to provide better for your customers. The information you have collected can be used for your future business decisions. Addressing your customers’ pain points will also make them feel more valued and appreciated, hence, bring more loyalty for your business. 

Future-Proofing Your Business

The pandemic of COVID-19 has impacted business in many different ways like no others ever have. Many businesses even totally shut down because they couldn’t survive the crisis. Many problems arise due to the pandemic such as supply, internal resources, as well as system. Many businesses are forced to adapt with the situation or give up. They are forced to move to digital technologies and platforms to survive. 

Future Proofing Business
FuturePhoto by Koukichi Takahashi

How to make your business future-proof

The situation regarding to the pandemic begins to settle. Things are slowly stabilized and many business are back on track. However, there is no guarantee that your business won’t face another crisis in the future. Therefore, future-proofing your business is essential and you can do it through digital transformation. 

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However, it is also important to emphasize that any kind of changes you take both temporarily or permanently should be customer-centered. Any decision you make for your business should consider your customers interest. You can start evaluating all various reasons to make any transformation and make your customers as your prioritize. This way, you can future-proof your business well. 

Many business focus on technology-centrist instead of customers. This can raise another problem in the future especially if the transformation doesn’t suit your customers need. When digital transformation is made to focus on better customer experience, your business will thrive regardless of the situation. 

Among many important element, things you should always consider in making any digital transformation for your business include health, safety, communication, collaboration, minimal human touch, and business continuity. Those are not something to be taken so lightly especially after we all face the impact of the pandemic. Those elements are critical and there are other important elements to be added into considerations as well.

To conduct any digital transformation that is essential for your business to be future-proof, you also need to be careful in making decision. For example, you have to choose the right digital platforms to facilitate new operational within your work environment. In the future, virtual meeting is likely still used even if the pandemic is totally over. In-person meeting might not be considered as effective anymore with many digital platforms arise to facilitate virtual communication. Make necessary evaluation before choosing the platform.

Also, it is essential to listen to your customers demands. With how the world has changed, their demands may become different as well. Take your customers’ preference into consideration in regard to digital transformation. Provide reliable channels for customers to communicate easily. Make sure that the access and responsive. Investing in artificial intelligence machine may be a great idea but you still have to consider its functionality for your customers. Thus, it can truly deliver high quality customer experience in any kind of situation.

Digital transformation can be applied to manufacturing process. This is aimed to minimize human touch and increase productivity. You can also use this kind of automation to to improve your business productivity and enhance effectiveness. Remember that any future-proof attempt you make should prioritize to enhance customer experience.

Top Anticipated Villa Ubud Bali Moments

Villa Ubud Bali isn’t just the place to take nap or watching flat screen while in sofa. Theres plenty of activities you could do to make your moment more special. Either you staying for a short vacation or for a long term period.

Vacation doesnt mean that it must be settle by outdoor activities and going from place to another. Moreover, vacation could also define by having activities indoor, relaxation time and staycation somewhere new. In addition to this, theres always an different option to make a memorable moments and Villa Ubud Bali indeed provide those for you.

Villa Ubud Bali

With a spacious place, fully furnished and facility, Staycation is a favourite in many occasion. Obviously it charge yourself up and enjoy the time of a life. So here are top anticipated moment in Villa Ubud Bali:

Get a Tan

Getting a colour is always a good idea. Whether its the time for you to find new appearance, get a tan might be the best option. Eventually you could seek that during staycation. With a seats across the pool, having a fresh mocktail and sun heat above the sky, might be a great combination to call it a day.

Villa Ubud Bali

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Seeking for Serenity

If you are the type of person who seek for peaceful and serene moment, you are in proper place. Villa Ubud Bali can provide those moment right to your door steps. Furthermore, wind breezes in famous Ubud area and direct view of natural ecosystem build up the moment intensively.

Villa Ubud Bali

You gonna be stun on how quiet and secure it can be. Theres nothing else like this, the uniqueness and character cant be found anywhere around unless Ubud itself.

Activities in Recreational Garden

Most of Villa Ubud Bali provide a spacious garden to support any kind of activities. With an impressive arrangement of trees and plants to give sense of natural freshness to the agenda. Plenty of space in recreational may also fit for numbers of participant during the event.

Villa Ubud Bali Garden

Family Gathering in Living room

Family moments are the most anticipated by the group. Its always great to greet, share strories with them and strengthen our bonds after a while. As this kind of moment are rarely found in normal days, its undoubtedly gonna be a long lasting memory for the family.

Villa Ubud Bali Living Room

While in Villa Ubud Bali, you may find thousand option of convenient living room to accommodate the gathering. Start from storytelling, movie marathon, snacking to champagne and wine testing all can be done in one occasion. Above all, theres nothing more important than to spend the time with family.

Dinner Feast

Last but not least, a dinner feast with a family is unlikely to be missed. Wander over cheerful and eventful night with a great taste and delicate food to call the day off. Also you could do grilling in outside garden to feel the vibes, subsequently continue to have a long chit chat with the loved ones.

Stress And Anxiety During The Crisis Can Affect Your Business

Stress And Anxiety During The Crisis Can Affect Your Business

During this pandemic, our lives are affected significantly. We are forced to adapt to the current situation. Social distancing, working from home, lockdown, and new policies while going out of home can be stressful and affect your mental health. Stress and anxiety are reported to be the most cases people experience during the crisis. Those who have responsibility to take care of others also have it harder. 

Overcoming stress and anxiety to stay productive

Many business are going down due to the crisis. Many people lost their job and end up living their life in uncertainty and fear. Feeling stress and anxious is to be expected when facing this kind of crisis. Overcoming it is essential before it affects your mental health badly. Unable to overcome may also leads to having mental breakdown and inability to stay productive. 

Overcoming stress and anxiety to stay productive

Two types of stresses

There are two types of stress people experience. The first one is acute stress which happens in everyday life caused a brief spike of tension. However, it usually disappear quickly without leaving any long-term negative effects. Meanwhile, chronic stress is caused by repetitive stressors everyday. This is considered dangerous because it can cause long-term effects to our mental and physical health. 

Kind of reaction to stress

There are many different reactions people usually give following the stress. Some people tend to be immobilized while others tend to avoid anything that can make them acknowledge the issue. Some others also react by aggression or deciding to surrender to the situation. 

Know what’s your coping mechanism

Know what’s your coping mechanism

Overcoming stress and anxiety is not easy and might be different from one person to another. However, you can try to choose the coping mechanism that is right for you. There are many of them. For example, you can cope by focusing on the physical. It means you try taking care of yourself better by eating well, having enough rest, limiting alcohol intake, working out, etc. This can help you get some distance from stressors even temporarily. 

Address the issues

You can also overcome your stress and anxiety by addressing the issues. List something that cause you to feel stressed or anxious. Try to rank the list accordingly so you know which ones are more urgent to deal with. This way, you can find the roots of the stressors. 

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Overcome your issues

Once you list all the issues triggering your stress and anxiety, list a series of tasks you can do to overcome them. You can choose to take small steps for each issue. However, make sure that for every step you plan, you move forward. 

Try to be more realistic

Release the tension by being more realistic. Sometimes, you suffer from stress and anxiety because you try so hard to fit in or try to reach the expectation of the others. Being afraid of failure can cause you to stress even more. 

Find your mantras

Create mantras to hype yourself up. Some people find it works to make themselves felt encouraged and motivated. Self-talk can help you to understand yourself better. Make sure that you choose positive words for your self-talk session and focus on positive things. Thus, your motivation will be up. 

Things To Investigate When Facing Problems With The Cash Flow

Handling business even if it is a small one can be overwhelming because the problem that may arise is not one but many. Running a business means you have to control every aspect including the finance. It is a very sensitive and critical aspect in business you always have to be ready to deal with. Business’s cash flow is one of the issues many entrepreneurs face. Finding out the cause or the root of the problem can be beneficial to find the right solution. 

Things To Investigate When Facing Problems With The Cash Flow

Cash flow problem to your business

Your business can be struggling from cash flow problem. Even if you have financial plan laid out from the beginning, the problem may arise sooner or later. The important thing is how you deal with each of them. Pinpointing the real problem of cash flow can be tricky because it passes through different areas in your business. However, some are mostly affected and caused the problems within your business. Thus, you have to find out what areas to investigate.

Calculate your profit margin 

Profit margin is one of the most affected area when cash flow problems arise. Sometimes, a good deal doesn’t earn you any profit and cost you money instead. Thus, reviewing your profit margin can be a start of your investigation during cash flow issues. Your profit margin doesn’t have to always be high. Sometimes, the lower one allows for additional sales in the future. However, make sure that your profit margin is where your business needs to be. 

Think about financial metrix

Things To Investigate When Facing Problems With The Cash Flow

Financial metrics are important for you to review because they can show you the essentials to identify the real problems causing the cash flow issues. They also help to determine the net profit margin. The ration shown in the financial metric gives you insight whether or not the profit generated from sales. Also, the ration can help you measure if there is any overhead costs happening. 

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Web conversion rates

The root of the problem can also come from your website conversion rates. Having a website for your business is not enough to keep it grow progressively. You need to optimize it with the proper funnel. If it is not optimized properly, you may end up wasting money on ads and your website has high bounce rate instead.

They physical space cost

Next area you can investigate to fix cash flow issue is physical space cost. Remember that having a physical space is not a must. It is not always necessary to have. Just look at how many business running fine during the pandemic with the policy of working from home. Investing in virtual service instead of physical ones might serves you good opportunity to cut some cost. 

Large purchases 

Large purchases are often the cause of major cash flow issues. It is important to pay attention to when the large expenses will be deducted because the revenue brought due to the cost of supplement or inventory comes in few weeks after. Taking notes of the period of this cost can make it easier for you to control your cash flow.

Online Influence To Boost Your Business

Online influence is important commodity for business goers. It can be built even without costing you so much money. Thus, it is sought after by many. Of course, money is one of key factors in successful business. However, you can boost it with the right commodity without excessive monetary expenses. You can use online influence to build your brand reputation and increase your customer base. The key factors in building online influence is smart thinking and hard work. 

Building online influence to boost your business

Online Influence To Boost Your Business

You can generate tremendous output if you put your mind into it. You can build your business a networks of super fans or die hard supporters. They are those who can give you unyielding support and trust without the need to meet you in person. Their roles in boosting your business is significant. Thus, building online influence is critical indeed. Here are what you can to to achieve it.

Rich contents 

Give more variety to the contents you want to share with your audience. You can have one platform to support your business such as website or social media. However, you need to make variations of contents so your audience can enjoy them. You can write articles, make videos, share podcast, create newsletters, and more to make your platform more interesting to visit. It also opens more tunnels for people with different preference in enjoying the type of contents to come. 

Put your commitment on it

To be able to deliver variety of contents on your online platform, you need to be committed. Keep in mind that creating contents can be time-consuming. This is where smart thinking and hardwork play major role. You need to organize your time when to create contents, handle other business-related issues, and take care of your personal matters. It is not impossible for you to deliver creative contents consistently if you are committed to it.

Develop your creativity

Online Influence To Boost Your Business

To create and deliver high quality contents, you also need to develop your creativity as well as commercial awareness. Remember that influence is not something you build overnight and done. It is something to be developed and nurtured over the time. When you are consistent in delivering contents your audience love, they will keep coming back and anticipate your new contents even more. It also opens more opportunity for new audience to visit your platform. Remember that there is no shortcut in building online influence. However, your efforts will be paid off.

What can you give to customer 

When creating contents, think of something that you can offer to your customers or audience and not vice versa. Do not keep asking them to do this and that while you don’t even offer them something valuable enough. Smart thinking allows you to pay attention to what your audience need and want. It allows you to build remarkable value. There are many things you can offer through your contents such as inserting information about discount code, free download materials, etc. To make output happens, you need to plan and work in building online influence with purpose. There is no long-lasting effect from accidental output.

Things To Consider Before Reopening Your Business

Things To Consider Before Reopening Your Business

The pandemic this year has brought many different feelings, mostly fear, doubt, and uncertainty. Many business went down due to the pandemic and people suffer from the consequences. However, the pandemic is getting better in some countries. Reopening your business is more possible now with how the situation getting better. However, there are things you still need to consider before reopening your business. 

Reopening your business safely after the pandemic

Business leaders experience the real challenges during the pandemic. Not to mention that they have to shoulder multiple burdens for the continuation of business as well as taking care of their families. You might be one of them and now you are facing with the high possibility to reopen your business. The most important thing to do is make thorough plan. And here are important things you need to take into consideration.

Following health protocols on top of everything

Things To Consider Before Reopening Your Business

The health and safety of your employees does matter. Remember that it is critical and needs to be prioritized. You cannot do your business well without your team. Therefore, making sure that their health and safety come first by planning to implement necessary personal protective equipment, protocols, sanitation and more. 

Will your customers be safe? 

The safety of your customers also needs to be prioritized. The safeguards for your employees will help protect your customers as well. You may also need to add some extra measurement to ensure their safety so they feel safe and confident doing the business with you. Some of your customers may suffer from the trauma caused by the pandemic. Doing necessary measure to ensure their safety and make them comfortable will help them a lot. 

Changes will happen; embrace the new normality

Things To Consider Before Reopening Your Business

While making your plan to reopen your business, remind yourself that everything won’t go back to normal as it used to be before the pandemic. Things have changed and what you can do is adapt to it. Your business must also experience some changes and you have to look through the possibility of them all. You need to see the possibilities from your perspectives as business owner and your customer’s. You need thorough plan to make sure that your business operation will run smoothly and safely for everyone. 

Seek out new expectations and needs

With new changes come new expectations and needs especially from your customers. Instead of treating it like a burden, you can treat as new opportunity for your business to grow better and bigger. Following the pandemic, your customers may develop new wants and needs. There might be significant shift in the market space you can take a note of. You can identify which areas that offer and bring you opportunity to enhance your products or services. You can find a way to make your business adapt well with the new normal, and finding new opportunity to make it thrive even better. 

Your leadership should be stronger than anytime 

Your leadership is critical when dealing with business during and after the pandemic. Your ability to plan ahead makes it possible for your business to reopen and grow in this new environment. The agility and flexibility of your business can help in building stability and safety for everyone involved in your business. 

Villa Jimbaran Bali, Dream Gateway with Pleasure Experience

Jimbaran accommodation is a great choice for enjoying a holiday in Bali with a peaceful atmosphere. Why? Apart from the hustle of Kuta, Legian, and the surrounding area which has developed into a crowded place, there is no longer a place to enjoy a quiet vacation. In fact, the current trend is moving to the Canggu, Ungasan, and Jimbaran areas. The movement of tourists to the south promises a view from the height and cool. Villa Jimbaran Bali is looking for one of the targets of tourists who love calm, coolness and enjoy a view from a height.

villa jimbaran bali with a private bali

Villa Jimbaran Bali is based on tourist stays

When tourists need privacy they must look for villas in top locations. Most villas for daily or weekly stays offer personalized services and facilities at a rather high cost. For foreigners who stay longer during the month of shopping or for many years it might be wise to choose villa Jimbaran at an affordable price. The question is, what facilities do you need when looking for accommodation in Jimbaran? This will determine the rental price.

Or do you consider a hotel more? Let’s consider the facilities you get from hotels and villas. Do you need privacy when enjoying the pool? Or do you want children to be safe and monitored when playing in the pool area? Do you want to stay as comfortable as at home when away from home?

Another consideration is whether you are a person who expects to get service just by waving a hand? Or do you want to get super premium service with staff who are ready to help you 24 hours? Needs, services, and facilities determine the best accommodation for short or long term stays.

Are you a businessman who needs a high-speed internet connection all the time? The hotel may offer all super premium service facilities even for an internet connection. But there are some 5-star hotels with unsatisfactory internet connections. The choice is when you want to vacation in a quiet area with family without leaving the business, then villa Jimbaran Bali is the right place.

You will have the whole villa Jimbaran for your stay. No longer need a variety of internet connections with other guests, no need to worry when children play in the pool area. Consider everything you want when vacationing or settling in Bali. When everything is detailed and well-designed, villa Jimbaran Bali becomes a dream gateway with a pleasant experience. Vacation is no longer a nightmare when you make the wrong decision. Bali is no longer something that is not pleasant when you decide to stay and work for a long time.

Setting Yourself Up For Success By Being More Productive

No matter how promising your business is, there are times when it is too stressful for you to handle. It is indeed stressful to own and run your own business. The moments when you feel more and more stress instead of motivated, those are when you doubt yourself even more. As the result, you will be less spirited to be productive. Those moments are common for every entrepreneurs and business owners. However, they should not become habits because those what can hold you back from achieving success. 

Setting Yourself Up For Success By Being More Productive

How to set yourself up for success

Sometimes, daily tasks overwhelm you to the point you are struggling to keep yourself together. There are mental burdens that can take a toll on you. Thus, it is important to deal with stressful things and set yourself to be more productive. You can do it by establishing positive habits on daily basis.

Weekend preparation

Organize your tasks for the week on Sunday evening. It can help you to be more prepared when Monday morning hits. You can plan your weekly to-do-list during lazy Sunday evening so that you don’t rush everything. You can organize your schedule with positive mood. It is a great way to reduce the stress. You know what you are going to do and you know what to do firsts right when Monday morning arrives. 

Manage your stress

Stress is one of the most common trigger in productivity. When you are stressed over your personal or professional reasons, it is easier to get less productive. Therefore, you need to get rid of the stress first before building your motivation to stay productive. One of the most effective ways to remove stress is meditation. It doesn’t have to take up your time. You can meditate for 10 to 15 minutes every morning while listening to peaceful and soothing voice or music. 

Schedule your day as wise as possible

Setting Yourself Up For Success By Being More Productive

Instead of trying to accomplish many tasks in day, it is better to identify no more than three tasks you must complete that day. This is how you know what to prioritize. This is an effective way to avoid getting sidetracked. This can maintain your productivity because you are more focused and the main tasks are accomplished. 

Stay realistic of your day-to-day expectation

If you set your expectation too high, you will feel burdened even before the day starts. Thus, make sure to focus on the three priority you need to get done first. You can use small tasks as a filler between the larger tasks. By focusing on what’s the most important, you will stay on track. 

Pay attention to physical wellness

Physical wellness is as important especially when you own and run a business. Many tasks to accomplish should be balance by healthy body and mind. A workout do wonders to your body. It can help you to stay fit and healthy in the long run. It can also help reduce hormones that cause stress. Also, you can try to maintain a positive outlook since it is empowering and motivating.