Innovative Tech Changes In The Restaurant Industry

Innovative Tech Changes In The Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry has gone through such difficult times especially when the global pandemic hit for over the last two years. Some restaurants went to total closure while others kept struggling to stay afloat. Meanwhile there are also restaurants that keep trying to make changes through various innovation in response to the global pandemic. Some innovative changes are considered to stay remain for a long time regardless if the situation with the global pandemic is better. 

Restaurant industry embraces technology

The most fascinating thing about the restaurant industry in the last two years is that they have become more open to innovative changes where they embrace technology to another level. Hence, it is not only serving a good food that has become the top priority. Restaurant industry have used holistic approach which involves tech innovation to improve overall guest experience. And here are some of tech trends in the restaurant industry we can see:

Online ordering

Online ordering might not something new in food industry. However, it grows significantly massive today and it happens in the restaurant industry. In the past, restaurants were mostly preferred for a dine in. They hesitated to introduce online ordering due to various reasons. And now, it has become one of demanding feature in almost every restaurant.

Contactless payment

Restaurant industry embraces technology

Payment method today is getting varied. Whether or not it was forced by the global pandemic waves, the trend of contactless payment in the restaurant industry not has become massive. Restaurant today receive payments through smartcards, smartwatches, and smartphones. Physical interaction for paying has significantly decrease. Many customers love this kind of contactless payment because it is safer, more hygiene, and they don’t really have to bring too much cash.

Software for reservation

Restaurant has joined the trend of reservation software where they create a downloadable software for everyone to make a reservation online anytime, anywhere. This tech trend has increased the efficiency of reservation process. Each restaurant may develop different software with its characteristic features. For example, some software provide updated information about the menu, offering special discounts, etc. 

Delivery system using drone

Yes, drone has become one of the most popular tools people used in the past few years. And after the global pandemic hit, it has become much more massive than before. Some restaurant now offer drone food delivery system so customers may place their order online, make a contactless payment then wait for their order to be delivered via flying drone. Many customers consider it to be more interesting and efficient. It is also contactless so many customers feel safer with this kind of delivery system. 

Is embracing technology good for restaurants?

It is good for any industry to be flexible to pivot especially since there is no such thing as static flow in business. There are always changes and some of them can be pretty unpredictable. Being open to innovative changes and tech trends can be useful and beneficial especially if the restaurants know what to choose that will be beneficial for them and their customers.