The Importance of Bookkeeping for Your Business

Managing your own business is not an easy task to do because you need to take care of many things. You have to manage daily, weekly, and even monthly tasks so your business will stay afloat.

One thing you can’t afford is to be bad at bookkeeping. It is one of the most important thing in managing your business because there are potential problems that may arise in the future if you do it bad.

Importance of bookkeeping for business

Your financial setting will be in danger and you risk your own sanity in the process. Thus, being good at bookkeeping is like basic thing you should do from the beginning so you can prevent other problems from happening.

Why bookkeeping is important for your business

The future of your business is affected and influenced by many factors. One of them is your financial setting and foundation. Therefore, you need to make sure to set checkbook and separate book for each of your business.

Being good at bookkeeping is not an option but obligation if you want to run your business organised and successfully. Here are the reasons why it is so important to keep your book in check when it comes to business management:

Tax savings are important part of your business. Therefore, separate banking will improve bookkeeping procedures. It also prevents payments from being missed because you have everything scheduled and organised well that it is hard to miss the due. As the result, it will provide better records to your tax return.

Bookkeeping means you need to maintain separate checkbook to substantiate the corporate veil. Having separate checkbook means your company is its own distinct entity. Therefore, there won’t be a chance for you to mingle personal and business funds.

Doing so will only cause headache in the future. Managing your business through proper bookkeeping is essential and it affect your business significantly. You see, finance is one of the most sensitive topics for business. Thus, you need to set everything clearly by putting one thing in the right order and place.

Having separate checkbook also means you have better chance to improve your opportunities in an IRS audit. You see, the IRS tend to have tight rule about spending personal and business expenses. They will often disallow it when your personal and business expenses are comingled in one checkbook. For audit protection, make sure to separate the checkbooks to save you from headache and stress in the future.

Don’t think that having separate bookkeeping and checking for your company is unnecessary because in reality it is so much beneficial for your business. It saves money and time in the long run instead because you have everything organised. When you have the otherwise, you will experience constant stress.

With proper bookkeeping, it will be easier for you to track the expense and manage the budget. Therefore, it will make you easier to take quality decision. Why? Because you have accurate records that you can rely on to make the right decision for your business. Good books always bring positive impact to your business if not now then later.

Professional Surf School Portugal With High Quality Surf Lessons

Portugal is one of the most underrated country in the world compared to its neighbours such as Spain and Italy. Its beautiful beaches may not as famous as in Spain and the handcrafted goods may not as temped as what you have been heard in Italy. But, no matter how underrated the country is, I do love the idea of professional surf school in Portugal with high quality lessons. And apparently there are many such available things for the beginners to advanced surfers even for the non-surfers at all in this missed country.

To be honest, there are many pristine beaches in Portugal as well. And no matter how cold the Atlantic water is, there is always the warm and hot summer that can be the best time for your surf school moments in Portugal.

You might be wondering why an old and mature enough for you are recommended to experience a surf school that sounds like a class for teenagers and why in the world should be in Portugal.

But here I need to say to you about why a surf school Portugal is recommended for any kind of travellers; it is fun and will be your precious moment to enjoy your trip at its best. Why?

What is a surf school and why in Portugal?

No matter how underrated this country is, there are actually many of the surf schools in Portugal followed by so many best surf spots for that.

To know about what is a surf school, it is no different with a surf camp itself which is a surf course for any levels of surfers. Even, those who aren’t a surfer at all and have never been to learn surfing before are allowed.

Why a surf school in Portugal?

There is no single requirement that is mentioning about how well you are knowing and experiencing about surfing. So, the surf school is for everyone. You will be heart-warmly welcomed even though you come alone, in a group or even as a family or a class of students.

A surf school is a place where you can find many beginner and professional surfers who want to share and getting to know the new skills on surfing and practice them all together. And ever since it is a “school” then there will be the “teachers” where later called as the instructors and the surf school itself will be the days or weekly surf course.

Professional surf school provider in Portugal

If you are interested in experience the surf school in Portugal, then you will need the special and professional travel provider that has been teaching the surfers for years. The longer, the better and it will be affecting the quality of the lessons.

It is also important that the surf school provider in Portugal that you are looking for is accepting all kind of surfing levels. From beginner to the advanced level and will be a great news for those who are not the surfers at all but willing to learn how to surf as I have been mentioned before.

That kind of surf school provider can be hard to find in Portugal, but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. If you are looking for the professional instructors with great surf lessons, one surf provider you can always visit and contact is NomadSurfers.Com.

It is a surf company that is also has the the classes or schools in Portugal. There are even many of them where you are even offered around 76 surf camp locations.

By that amount of surf schools, don’t you think that there will be more professional instructors and the surfing curriculum will be in high quality that will teach the surfers the best ways to master the surfing skills in Portugal?

With more than 70 surf schools in Portugal, you will surely have more choices in what kind of place you’d like to learn surfing along with the new experiences in breaking the waves at the surf spots you may have never heard of before.

The more of surf school choices in Portugal is also a great sign that the country is ready to welcome all of the surfers in the world while the beaches and waves have been delightfully waiting for them.

Simple Things to Do to Let Your Business Begin

Running and growing a business sounds easy but not entirely true. There is always risks and obstacles along the way. However, the rewards are also worth it. Starting a business even a small one can be challenging in so many level especially for the first time. The lack of knowledge and experience can intimidate people to start running their own business. Besides, it seems that every business owner has their own trick to be successful and reach their goal.

Let your business begin through simple tips

People believe that running their own business can lead them to financial freedom. Of course, there were people who truly reached that level and have been in that position. However, many of those who tried had also failed to do the same. So what you need to do to be one of those successful business owner?

  • Remember instead of solely selling products, it is better to offer solution. You see, brand is nice and all but it won’t work on your case if you just started. Thus, what you need to offer is the product that can solve customer’s problems. Find out what make your target customer feel anxiety and offer product that can give them the right solution for that. This way, your product or service has the clear statement to attract more customers.
  • Selling product or service means you will need to interact with people. If you are confident you can handle and treat your customers right, you can go and do the selling yourself. However, you can also hire friendly staff to handle the matter. Choose the right person with warm personality that can let customer feel safe and comfortable to be assisted. Choose friendly, outgoing, and cheerful person to handle customers.
  • Choose the most effective and efficient way to communicate with your customers. In this modern era, it is not a very big problem since there are various online platform when you can hold conversation with customers through live chat. Of course, it is also important to create professional website where customer can dig in more information about your company, products, or service. It is even better to put a number where your customers can call directly to find information or answer.
  • Customers love authenticity and credibility. To have those qualities, you need to support local community. Every local business has unique communities with great authority. You can support your community through many ways that fit your goal of your business. The point is to show your authenticity that your brand tries to ignite in customer’s hearts.
  • Be more specific of your products and services. To know this, you need to do your homework by researching the market. Find out the real demand of the market and be the expertise of what other business can’t be. Instead of trying to master everything, specializing in one particular discipline is much better because customers like exclusivity. Besides, specialist is always related to higher quality services or product by customers.

Top Dive Center For Best Scuba Diving In Bali

The increasing number of dive shops, dive centers or dive operators is a testament to the increasingly popular diving activity success. There are many new things that can be obtained when diving. Bali, one of the favorite diving destinations and popular not only in Indonesia but also popular in the world. A glimpse of Bali, do you know that this divine island is surrounded by 2 oceans which in fact has created rich and unique biodiversity.

Not only is the best scuba diving in Bali popular in the world, but also with its grand resorts with a beach view and green fields, up to surfing spots with waves that can adrenaline. Bali’s popularity is no longer in doubt, especially the scuba diving Bali spot is included in the ranks of the world’s best dive sites.

Best scuba diving in Bali not only takes you to discover and witness rare macro creatures to amazing pelagic species but also gives you the opportunity to explore the remains of World War II relics. It’s time for you to explore the best spots and choose dive operators for best scuba diving in Bali.

Dune Atlantis – Best Scuba Diving In Bali With PADI Certified

It’s on the 5-star TripAdvisor, making Dune Atlantis a top scuba diving operator in Bali. For those who have never done diving, Dune Atlantis offers dive packages for beginners with 4-5 days of training. Even though this is a short training, you will still be taken to enjoy the spectacular underwater scenery of Bali. Established since 1996 in Sanur, Dune Atlantis is one of the most trusted and professional dive centers.

The package  of best scuba diving in Bali for all levels is guided by experienced instructors who will guide participants for safe diving. Can’t speak Indonesian? Don’t worry because Dune Atlantis has instructors in several languages, such as English, French and Chinese. Whether you are booking early or the last minute package best diving in Bali, Dune Atlantis will arrange all the schedules for the perfection of your diving vacation.

Diving training is not only for those who are diving for the first time. Even professional divers need a lot of training to sharpen their skills. Dune Atlantis offers dive packages for professional divers who have just returned to diving after a long vacuum.

Best scuba diving in Bali, both dive spots and professional dive centers are not easy to find. If participants need more attention during training and diving, the Dune Atlantis instructor will always be ready to provide explanations until participants can understand well.

What Beginners Should Understand About Property Investment

Owning a property makes you feel proud of yourself because it not a small investment. Buying an investment property is a big deal especially when you do it to build a long-term investment.

You can also grow your wealth through your investment property if you do it properly. You must have seen a lots of information regarding to how to invest successfully or how to manage your investment property properly.

Looking for those kind of information is good. However, there is no single, ultimate rule of what to do it right because property investment business requires individualistic approach.

Understanding property investment for beginners

If it is your first time investing in property, it might be overwhelm you in so many levels. Buying a property to invest kind of has different feels than buying a home. Besides, you need to treat your investment property like a business if you want to become successful, rich investor.

Understanding property investment for beginners

Starting journey in property investing means you need to try to understand many things. However, let’s make it simple by pointing out the most important factors to understand.

Information is what you need to understand. Information you need can only be gained through the right educating. It is not about attending business school. What you need to do is educating yourself. You need to be smart in sorting out what information is worth it and which one is not because not all information spread in media is reliable.

You can educate yourself by reading books, journal, blogs, or attending professional seminars about property investment business. This way, you will be able to see the light properly about property investment.

The next thing you need to do is doing your homework properly. You need to formulate information you get through proper research so you know which steps you are going to take. Doing your own research will make you understand more and better.

Researching the right investment property to buy is vital. You need to research the local area to get better understanding of the local property market. Make sure to also stick on investment grade property because it can survive the market better.

Another thing that beginners should understand about property investing is there is no magic or shortcut to grown wealth quickly. Everything needs process and it takes times. Being patience is what you need to learn. There are ups and downs in property investing that you are going to face.

If you are too impatient, you won’t be able to reach your goals. And being impatient is one of the weaknesses of most newbies.

In running property investment business, you also need to understand more about the value of delegating to professionals. Seeking advice from your friends or families who are not expert in property investing is not recommended.

Instead, you need to ask advice from the real experts and professionals, or experienced investors. They are more reliable due to their skills, knowledge and experience in property investment business. They will only provide high quality information.

How to Growing Your Business Social Media Audiences

If there will only one thing that can be an answer why there are some social media accounts with high amount of audiences and some others are don’t, then it must be the contents they are sharing. You can also plan the same thing when its come to growing your business social media audiences by thinking about what contents to be shared.

One challenging thing a business social media account is facing on digital world is that it is used for business.

And by the way, how many business pages on social media that are sharing the funny things where their followers will be laughing, the motivational quotes to help their audiences in getting through the tough time in life, a video of cutey cat running for the red laser light and many thing?

What about the social media page for a business that keep on posting the provoking ideas to encourage the audiences to active on discussions instead of just giving Like?

How to growing audiences for social media profiles for business?

Many businesses are not doing that ever since they are not relevant. It can be understood, but it is also a selfish thing to do for a business social media accounts that only share about their business information and keep on talking about their self. I won’t say it’s a sin, but I think that I now know that it can be the reason why their social media pages getting less audiences or followers.

Growing social media audiences for your business

There are popular two ways in getting more audiences for your social media accounts. The first is how you are getting the organic traffic for your business page. Other people may are using the searching bar on Facebook and what you have been just posted is relevant to their interest. Secondly, there is always the paid platform you can use to reach more audiences such as Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google Ads, etc.

Whether you are going to run ads like forever because your business somehow have got an unlimited budget or growing it organically, one thing for sure that you will keep on doing it is by providing the valuable contents for your audiences.

Contents are the king and the queen of any digital platforms on internet. You will need to preparing and scheduling the contents that are talking about your business offer, some things relevant to your business industry, or even not have a single similarity with your business but the things may are the trend for recent moment.

The problem is, do you know how troublesome it is when you need to think about the content ideas yourself, preparing the images for that or make your own designs, researching for the hashtags, preparing the social media ads materials, posting them all gradually and monitoring the engagements and results. Then, you will need to evaluate what you have been doing and then doing the same things all over again.

Are you sure that you can do them all to grow your business audiences where you are almost have no times at all in working the other important things?

That’s why there is a digital service for that where you can try to use the social media management Bali strategy to growing your business audiences on social media, dealing with all the ads platforms, as well as this can be part of your digital marketing strategy.

You are even getting more than just growing social media audiences for your business right?

Keep in mind that investing your times on content creations is important. The thing is that, you have no time for that and you may have not been planned to build a team for that. So, just simply trust a social media or digital marketing agency for that.

Understanding Mortgage in Property Investment

There is a lot of factors in property investment to help you build and grow it properly. One of them is mortgage. It is one of crucial parts for your financial setting when you are involved in property investment business. However, sometimes investors feel scared when it comes to mortgage because let’s be honest nobody wants to be in debt. It is like a burden to have it. One of the scariest factors of mortgage is the interest rates. That’s why most investors look for the cheapest interest rates.

About mortgage in property investment business

The role of mortgage is significant because lots of investors use it to fund their investment property when they don’t have enough money from their savings to buy it. Mortgage can be helpful and efficient if you stop focusing only on the interest rates because there is more than that. The interest rate is just one of many components of mortgage. What to do to choose the right mortgage?

Understanding Mortgage in Property Investment

It is important to understand the loan contract before you sign any of it. In the contract, there are terms and conditions. However, many of borrowers failed to truly comprehend and understand every term and condition. Some borrowers even went as far as not keep the copy of the loan contract. It is a really bad move. It is not only the amount of the loan that you should know. You also need to know the rates and expiry date. Every lender may have different term and condition so you need to understand what you are getting into before signing them because it is a long-term commitment.

As mentioned before that the interest rate is not the only factor you should focus on when it comes to mortgage. Even the cheapest rate doesn’t means it is the cheapest loan. There is high possibility that the lender offering cheap rates along with tighter policy and on releasing equity. Instead of focusing on the rate only, it is better to see the whole deal so you can make the right decision. Remember that rate changes overtime.

Lots of investors thought that fixing interest rate is a good idea for their financial setting. However, it is not entirely true. In fact, it can even cost you more. When fixing rates, you will need to deal with another issue such as the cost of breaking the terms. Also, keep in mind that the banks or the lenders have ability to change their credit policies regardless your goals and situation. So you don’t know what the future holds and the banks do.

Choosing the right lenders is important when it comes to mortgage. There is no guarantee that your current banks will provide you the right mortgage that fit your goal and financial situation. Thus, don’t stuck in one bank because the other banks may offer better loan products as well as credit policies that suit your needs. Therefore, do your own homework by researching the best offer of loan contract. This may take time but it’s totally worth it.

Secret of Flores: 4 Extraordinary Things to Do On Your Next Flores Komodo Tour

Flores, the name of remotely beautiful island in Indonesia that you have probably never heard of, though it’s just one stone throw away from the world famous Bali and Lombok. But if you are a keen traveler, you must have heard of Komodo National Park. The one and only natural habitat for the last colony of Komodo dragons on the entire earth—which made it as a treasured UNESCO World Heritage and one of the New 7 Wonder of Nature. And here’s the things. When people think about the Komodo National Park and Flores, they will mostly think of the popular things; walking tor with three meter long Komodo dragons, diving in the marine parks, having beach galore, and embarking the tropical sailing trip. But Flores, being separated from the Komodo Islands, has so much more to offer than just the gigantic lizards. Here, we comprise five hidden gems in Flores that worth a visit on your upcoming Flores Komodo tour!

Hidden Gems for Your Flores Komodo Tour Ideas

Hidden Gems for Your Flores Komodo Tour Ideas

Kelimutu Sunrise Watch 

Looming above Flores’ mainland, the Kelimutu mountain offers spectacular sunrise view that’s totally hard to miss. With three ever-changing multicoloured crater lakes on its top, watching the sun rise on the horizon and spread the first light of the day upon what seems to be paint-water lakes feels particularly impressive.

The Cunca Rami Waterfall

Located across verdant green rice paddies and undisclosed beyond lush forest, not everyone could see the stunning Cunca Rami waterfall. This hidden gem is one of Flores’ most famous and scenic waterfall—despite being greatly isolated and almost inaccessible. To reach Cunca Rami, you need to go up and down a winding road, left your car or scooters on the last village, and continue the journey by hiking through the hills. The road to get to the waterfall is very scenic though, as you can see the waterfall cascading from over 100 meters height granite rock cliff on the mountain. Once you reach the waterfall, you will see the water falls on large, turquoise pool where you can swim on its translucent water. The Cunca Rami waterfall is indeed a pleasant cut of paradise in the midst of wilderness, and is definitely a challenging Flores Komodo tour to do. 

Swim in Rangko Cave

Once you leave Labuan Bajo behind, you probably won’t find any pool soon. But don’t be fooled—as Flores’ best pool is located deep inside the forest. Walk cuts Rangko Village’s jungles and find the Rangko Cave with its magnificent stalactite and stalagmite. Not far from the mouth of the cave you will find a secret swimming hole filled with crystal clear water, shining in beautiful glow from the rays of sunlight. Also, the pool is high in saltwater content, making it easier for anyone to stay afloat. 

Snorkel at 17 Islands Marine Park

The sub-district Riung is known for their 17 Islands Marine Park, which would add another highlight to your Flores Komodo tour. The islands—which are actually comprised of more than 20 small islands—are largely inhabited, where various exotic creatures such as Timor deers, marsupials, hedgehogs, ferrets, monkeys, and medium-sized Komodo dragons could roam free. Aside from the wild fauna habitants, the park is mainly preserved to protect the fragile and wonderful aquatic world. Ring’s water is among world’s best marine park, with more than 27 species of corals and home to plenty of marine life. Snorkelling in these water almost taste like heaven! The beaches are equally beautiful, too, with stark white beach descending gradually to tranquil waters, backdropped with jagged mountain in the far back.

Where to Look for Investment Advice?

Involving in property business means you are not alone. You will need others to help you reach your goal. Of course, one of the main reasons why you choose property investing is to gain financial freedom. However, it doesn’t mean you should do everything on your own.

It is not how you treat your property investment. Throughout your career in property business, there must be something to learn. Be it mistakes, unexpected downturn of a market, or financial crisis, you need the right guidance to survive. Thus, it is important to ask for investment advice from the right people.

Property investors consult for advice is not uncommon. In fact, it is necessary if you want to grow your business the right way.

Who should you ask advice from?

Looking for investment advice

Looking for advice is necessary when it comes to property business. However, it is not something you can just get from random people. It is not a form of patronizing or underestimating people in general. It is that property business is a business with clear focus. Thus, you need to get the right advice from the right person. So here are things about seeking out investment advice:

If you think you understand everything related to your property investing from the beginning, you are clearly wrong. Just because you experienced living in a rented property before doesn’t mean you know everything. It is not only about property you should pay attention to. You also need to have better understanding of the property market when it comes to property investing.

If you are considering your family or friend to ask for advice, you need to reconsider it. Unless they are financial expert or experienced property investors, it is not recommended to seek out advice of them. Advice that comes from non-financial experts often leads to avoid investing in property because they think more into the risk.

You may have considered asking advice from mortgage broker or real estate agent. However, you also need to remember that they will be unlikely giving you advice unless they are on your side. Mortgage broker may be able to give you advice about financial matters. However, not all of them understand the property market. They may not be able to give you advice about investing in an investment grade property as well.

Asking advice from property strategist or adviser

Furthermore, it is highly recommended to look for investment advice from professional property strategist or adviser. Those are more reliable especially when you choose the unbiased and independent one. Making property investment decision is not an easy task. Thus, seeking out help from professional and trusted advisor will be more impactful than asking for it from random people.

Of course you can be independent and make some trials and errors. However, it may cost you more than you can afford. It is also not only about money but also time and effort. Thus, asking advice from professional, trusted, independent, unbiased property strategist or adviser is highly recommended since it is more efficient and effective.

How Does It Feels to Stay In 4 Bedroom Villa at Seminyak?

One of recommended tourist’s accommodation and location to stay in Bali is to experience the comfort and the luxury of 4 bedroom villa at Seminyak. You can experience how cozy and luxury it is no matter if there will be a crowd reside in it. And while we are talking about that, it seems that there are two kind of travelers that can rent that villa, both are those who are in a family holiday and they who are in a group of traveling such as for students or just in a friends getaway.

Now, let’s get it straight to the main topic about how does it is feels when you are possible to experience the living in glamorous of 4 bedroom villa at Seminyak.

Comfort and luxury 4 bedroom villa at Seminyak

Experience the comfort and luxury of 4 bedroom villa at Seminyak

First thing first, what you are going to feel and experience while living in a 4 bedroom villa is depending on how the villa is built before. I am talking about the facilities and amenities it has, the advantages of location, how close it is to the beach as Seminyak is possible for beach activities within minutes walking and many more.

So that, one of the best 4 bedroom villa Seminyak you can rent for any kind of vacation you are joining in is what have been presented and offered by the hu’u Villas Bali.

You can get your 4 bedroom villa when the management and staff will make a configuration where the 1 bedroom villa can be united or combined with the 3 bedroom penthouse or make a configuration of two of 2 bedrooms villa to get the numbers of bedrooms as you are required.

It is because the villa itself was built in interconnecting concept so each villa can be connected to one another.

What you are possible to experience when reside in the villa?

The first question related to what you are possible to experience when staying in 4 bedroom villa with your friends and family at Seminyak is: How crazy are and how silent the environment you are requiring?

For those who are in a friend’s getaway, you have a short distance with the villa’s bar called as the Den that you can experience the crazy night together. But for those who are in a family holiday, I think that the sounds won’t hurt your ear and you can still sleep like lying your head on a cloud.

If you will need foods and drinks, the nearby villa’s restaurant is just a minute away from where you are living and there you can also enjoy yourself in a comfort zone with a view.

For the villa itself to keep you spoiling yourself, there has been a private pool beside the living room and located at the back. Throwing a pool party with your friends or group members can be a great idea since it is connected to the large spacious living room.

Ever since the living room of this 4 bedroom villa is equipped with the entertainment setup and tools, you are able to enjoy the living without being need to thinking about the job or school.

Most of the rooms are also possible to be used when there will be a need for the group or family gathering, so assuming that you will be discussing about some things, you have got rooms for that, inside and outside of the villa.

There are also the bedroom options if you will needs it. For example, you can make a configuration of the one bedroom loft villa if you are thinking that sleeping on the loft can be a better idea for you.

I think, it is enough for ow about some of possible experiences you can get while reside in the 4 bedroom villa at Seminyak. And frankly, I am not talking at all about how does it is feels living in the area itself where the location is closer to the beach. I think I will tell you later if I had a chance for that.