Innovative Tech Changes In The Restaurant Industry

Innovative Tech Changes In The Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry has gone through such difficult times especially when the global pandemic hit for over the last two years. Some restaurants went to total closure while others kept struggling to stay afloat. Meanwhile there are also restaurants that keep trying to make changes through various innovation in response to the global pandemic. Some innovative changes are considered to stay remain for a long time regardless if the situation with the global pandemic is better. 

Restaurant industry embraces technology

The most fascinating thing about the restaurant industry in the last two years is that they have become more open to innovative changes where they embrace technology to another level. Hence, it is not only serving a good food that has become the top priority. Restaurant industry have used holistic approach which involves tech innovation to improve overall guest experience. And here are some of tech trends in the restaurant industry we can see:

Online ordering

Online ordering might not something new in food industry. However, it grows significantly massive today and it happens in the restaurant industry. In the past, restaurants were mostly preferred for a dine in. They hesitated to introduce online ordering due to various reasons. And now, it has become one of demanding feature in almost every restaurant.

Contactless payment

Restaurant industry embraces technology

Payment method today is getting varied. Whether or not it was forced by the global pandemic waves, the trend of contactless payment in the restaurant industry not has become massive. Restaurant today receive payments through smartcards, smartwatches, and smartphones. Physical interaction for paying has significantly decrease. Many customers love this kind of contactless payment because it is safer, more hygiene, and they don’t really have to bring too much cash.

Software for reservation

Restaurant has joined the trend of reservation software where they create a downloadable software for everyone to make a reservation online anytime, anywhere. This tech trend has increased the efficiency of reservation process. Each restaurant may develop different software with its characteristic features. For example, some software provide updated information about the menu, offering special discounts, etc. 

Delivery system using drone

Yes, drone has become one of the most popular tools people used in the past few years. And after the global pandemic hit, it has become much more massive than before. Some restaurant now offer drone food delivery system so customers may place their order online, make a contactless payment then wait for their order to be delivered via flying drone. Many customers consider it to be more interesting and efficient. It is also contactless so many customers feel safer with this kind of delivery system. 

Is embracing technology good for restaurants?

It is good for any industry to be flexible to pivot especially since there is no such thing as static flow in business. There are always changes and some of them can be pretty unpredictable. Being open to innovative changes and tech trends can be useful and beneficial especially if the restaurants know what to choose that will be beneficial for them and their customers. 

Have You Think of Seriously Branding Your Villas in Canggu Bali?

Have You Think of Seriously Branding Your Villas in Canggu Bali?

In the midst of tight competition of villas in Canggu, owners of vacation rentals need to seriously think about branding if they want to stay above the competition. Branding for vacation rental is crucial. It serves as a statement of who you are, what your company is all about, and how you can differentiate yourself from the competition. It establishes the foundation for almost every area of your business operations.

How Branding Can Help Drawing In Customers

By branding your Airbnb, you can draw in the kind of visitors you want. They will be pulled to your listing by the personality it exudes. The language and tone you use in your listing, the name of your home, the layout of your rooms, etc.

When guests have limited their selections to just 2 or 3 properties in your area, they will choose the brand that appeals to them the most.

It’s unlikely that their selection process will be based solely on cost and facilities. Additionally, there will be a “X” factor, an intangible component that links people to your business.

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Deciding the Right Branding for Your Canggu Villas

Deciding the Right Branding for Your Canggu Villas

In the words of the vacation rental sector, your brand is the impression that prospective guests have of the amenities that your rentals provide. In the end, you have no control over how they perceive you, but you can undoubtedly influence it.

In fact, without even recognizing it, you might have already begun developing your brand. Do you take great delight in the old-world charm of your rentals, giving visitors the impression that they may anticipate a nostalgic experience when they stay with you? Your brand will benefit from that.

Define The Focus and Personality of Your Canggu Villas

Although you want to target all types of travelers and cater to anyone that wants to stay in your area, it’s important to focus on specific segments to build your brand.

Is your villa Canggu family-friendly? Do you have kids-friendly items like high-chairs, toys, or twin beds for kids in the villa? Your branding should take that into account. Also, take a look to your surrounding. Think about a “seaside home” or “jungle hideaway”, that can add a strong character to your branding. 

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Building the Branding which Covers the Essence of Your Villas

Building the Branding which Covers the Essence of Your Villas

The process of creating the brand for your villa in Canggu involves much more than just selecting a name and a logo. It will entail using consistent color schemes, design elements, and aesthetics throughout your entire Canggu villas website.

These decisions will then have a significant impact on how your property is marketed. Every piece of marketing collateral, whether it’s a banner promoting a special deal that you submit as your Facebook cover photo or a local newspaper ad, should strive to be consistent with your vacation rental website. After all, that is the primary and most effective method that customers engage with your service.

Build A Luxurious Branding that Brings Value to Your Canggu Villas

Learn from the Four Seasons, Karma Kandara, or the Viceroy Bali that successfully brand themselves as the most luxurious hotel in the island. Customers are prepared to pay more for recognized brands because they are aware that they represent a high standard of quality. To avoid being viewed as a “knock-off,” your villas in Canggu needs to have a strong brand.

Building Efficient Payroll System For Your Business

Payroll processing can be a  handful especially if do it manually with no reliance to anybody or tools. Hence, it is best that you build your own payroll system that works for your business while also putting your employees’ best interests. Processing payroll properly is  a must as to not cause any liability to your business. Payroll is one of the most important things because you have to pay the people who work for your company properly and fairly. With a proper system, it will help mitigate risks while also vastly improve your business operations. 

Business woman, hand holding mobile smart phone, writing and signing cheque book, with laptop computer on the desk at modern office. Business payment and paycheck concept.

How to create efficient payroll system

Processing payroll involves detailed documentation system to track who is working for your company. It also stores information of how long they have been working for you and how much money you are spending on labor. There are many ways you can do payroll processing. You can do it manually and rely on your own calculations, use software, or hire professional payroll service. 

If you hire payroll service, the system is automatically set up though the company. If you use software to process payroll, it may lessen your burden of doing it manually. If you choose to build your own system, make sure that you have important elements such as employee wages, employee hour, deduction and withholding, tax documents, direct deposits and payments, etc. 

Organization and planning

To create the right system for payroll processing, you need organization and planning. You can set up your system and the information and documentation will flow through it. And last, you are able to report on important business aspects. As you plan your payroll system, make sure to do the following steps:

Collect preliminary information to process the payroll which include all information regarding to your EIN, state and local tax ID numbers, as well as employee information. Then, you can set up payroll schedule so you know exactly when to pay your employees be it weekly, biweekly, semiweekly, monthly, etc. You also need to establish payroll tax payment dates to ensure you are not lagged behind.

The next thing to do is process payroll manually. It means you need to calculate various elements such as employee hourly schedules and overtime pay, gross pay, deductions, and net pay. To build proper payroll system, you also need to keep and document payroll records. Make sure that you also report new hires to the IRS following the right timeline. You need to stay up to date on any mistakes or possible miscalculations. Keep in mind that all reports should be presented to the IRS. 

Setting up your own payroll system can be challenging in the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. However, having proper payroll system will save you a lot from any unnecessary mistakes that can be costly to your business. With the right payroll system, everything will stay organized. With successful payroll, it is highly likely for your business to thrive even more. Follow the right road map to create the right system for payroll processing.

Tips When Exploring Komodo Dragon Land – How Dangerous Are They?

The term “dragon” is frequently used in fairy tales, myths, and legends. When you first see one of these massive prehistoric-looking creatures, you might wonder if you walked through a time-portal back to the Jurassic era. The sight of the dragons ambling fluidly through the savannas or on the sun-kissed shores of Komodo’s mountainous islands is truly breathtaking. The only way to go there is to on liveaboard. Komodo liveaboard takes you to explore the islands, enjoying the stunning natural and underwater scenery.

The dragon attacks. The Komodo dragon attacks the prey. The Komodo dragon, Varanus komodoensis, is the biggest living lizard in the world.On island Rinca. Indonesia.

Komodo National Park, A Home of Komodo Dragon

Perhaps you had some reservations about going to Indonesia to see these famous beasts. Seeing dragons up close may not be so fun after all, considering they can run up to 20 kph and eat 80% of their body weight in a single sitting. Perhaps you’re concerned that it’ll be the last thing you see.

Welcome to Komodo National Park! This is where you will find the ancient Komodo dragon with an image that looks scary. To top it all off, dragons have venom in their saliva that prevents blood clotting, causing their victims to bleed out after a bite. They’ve even been known to hunt massive water buffalo for weeks, waiting for the animal to die from a single bite.  

Tourists who want to see firsthand this ancient animal are required to be guided by a local ranger. Why should a local ranger guide you? Most the rangers are local residents who are used to living side by side with Komodo dragons. They knew exactly how to deal with ancient animals when they suddenly became aggressive. 

A tourist from Singapore decided to explore Komodo Island without being guided by a ranger to save money. As a result? He approached a group of Komodo dragons who were eating and ignored the warnings of the locals to keep their distance. The gift he received sent him to the hospital for a Komodo dragon bite.

Only about 4000 dragons remain in the wild on five Indonesian islands. This makes it difficult to compare the attacks to statistics for other animals. Even with this in mind, the picture becomes much clearer and more reassuring.

Komodo liveaboard package and meet the dragon

Komodo liveaboard is the best way for you to explore Komodo National Park. You are not only brought to meet ancient animals but also explore many other large islands with beautiful and amazing views. 

The Komodo liveaboard operator requires you to explore the island of Komodo with the assistance of a local ranger. This is a plus so that your journey is comfortable, fun and safe. 

Tips To Start A Remote Business Smoothly

working things out

Remote work is no longer something unfamiliar in today’s business. Since the global pandemic, it has accelerated greatly that even some companies decided to implement remote work fully or partially. Today, it is not hard to find even hybrid companies that implement both at the office-work and work from home. Many companies find remote work to be just as efficient with so many benefits to gain for the growth of their businesses. Hence, it is such a great idea to consider starting a new remote business. 

How to start a new remote business

Starting remote business is just as challenging as conventional one. However, the benefits are worth the hassles. Some of the best benefits are you can hire the best talents from around the world, save money on rent and utilities, remove dreaded daily commute, and more. And so here are some useful tips to help you start a new remote business smoothly and successfully:

Start with choosing the right tools

Even though you don’t have to think about brick and mortar office, you still need to think about what kind of tools you need to facilitate and accommodate yourself and your employees to work smoothly. There are several software tools out there but make sure to choose the one that is reliable. You may need conferencing software to hold company meetings. You may also need project management tools to assign specific projects or tasks for your employees with due dates. Another important tool to consider is a password manager to encrypt and store your passwords online. 

Plan your communication method

You will not have the ability to talk in person when you decide to start a remote business. Therefore, you need to plan this ahead. Instead of emails or Skype, you need more reliable, effective communication tools. One of the most recommended is messaging tool. It is seamless and efficient for communication. You and your employees will be able to communicate with each other effectively in more organized way regardless if you are located in different countries across the world. 

Hire the right talents

business meeting

Hiring is a daunting step for many people who want to start a business. There is a possibility to hire thee wrong people. And with remote business, it is probably more challenging to find the right person to hire. The advantage is you have larger space with a pool of candidates to choose. You have almost no limit of where the candidate comes from. You can hire people who live in different country if they meet your business’s vision and mission. Choose trusted, reliable hiring sites to help you make the right hires.

Set firm goals

Make sure to set firm and clear expectation for every employee of your remote business. It helps a lot in keeping them on track. Each employee has different role so be clear with expectation to determine for them. You can create deadlines or to-do list to organize the tasks for every individual and have them meet the expectation with excellent performance.

Dream Home Construction in Bali

view from a house at the top of a hill

If you plan to have a home construction in Bali, consider some of the stuff to make the process of your home building in Bali become a better experience and have a better impact on the environment. Here are some points to consider for your next home project.

The Materials used for the buildings

There are many kinds of materials that you can use to build your house. For example, you can build your house or villa with concrete. Why concrete? It’s because concrete is strong and can be mold to any kind of shape. Once it’s built there’s little maintenance required to keep it strong. 

If you want a more traditional and natural looking house, you can consider building your house using wood or bamboo. What’s great about a wooden house is that its naturally insulated since wood is an isolator, hence it doesn’t conduct heat that well. So you can have lower power consumption for air conditioning especially when Bali have hot weather most of the time. 

What about the permit for the house?

If you want to do home construction in Bali, there are 2 kinds of building permits that you might want to consider. First is the permit that only covers if your building only functions as a home. The second permit is needed if you want to rent the building, because that building is counted as a commercialized building and the government will collect tax from its earnings. That’s why you need to manage the proper permit for your building. 

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Connecting it to the grid and pipes

For utility you need to manage electricity and water plumbing in the construction planning. There are several ways you can do it. Either the conventional of getting it from the grid and pipe water, or for water you can dig your own well and have your water come from there. For electricity you may want to consider solar panels as the main source of electricity to reduce the cost you need to pay by getting electricity from the grid. There’s a lot of construction company in Bali that can install solar panels in home buildings. You can even install one that can also heat up your water so you can have hot water in the tap or shower. For water plumbing you can consider a greywater recycling system so you can become more environmentally friendly by reducing clean water usage in your home.

Building layout and contractor

house with an infinity pool
source : instagram/@greenwiseconstructions

You also have to consider the architecture of your house, like where should you place which rooms, and how will you plan for plumbing and electricity. Especially the little details that are needed for a building in Bali. It would be best if you get an architect that has experience building in Bali. After the design, you also need a proper contractor to manage the building process of your house. Make sure you choose a contractor that can maintain and deliver with high standard within your budget.

Things To Do To Boost Your Service Business

Service-based business is promising and challenging at the same time. There is a potential that you get loyal clients who trust you and work with you for a long time. However, it is also challenging because that type of relationship requires trust that takes time. It means, you need the right approach not to gain as many as clients but have profitable and qualified clients. 

Young Group Of Professionals Developing Business Strategy and Providing The Business Plan

Boosting your service-based business

When you offer a product as a seller, you can show your potential customers the real product, what they use for, what materials/ingredients inside, etc. By offering service, you may have to explain longer because you need to explain the process, the technicality, etc. Hence, it is not easy to attract clients who are willing to pay that much attention. It is why you need to plan the best strategies to build your service business bigger. 

Plan actionable strategies

First thing first, you need to plan a set of actions that are clear, repeatable, and easy to maintain. These actions should be beneficial in bringing in qualified, profitable clients. If you do it right, you can turn clients into raving fans who are also valuable referral sources. Attracting paying clients in service business takes time because you need to introduce your service, warm your prospects up, until you can convince them to work with you. 

Consider using one marketing strategy

There are so many marketing strategies out there offered by professionals and experts. There is no legitimate rule on what strategies you should implement to boost your service business. Every business is unique and has different characteristics which influence the type of strategy that is best used. Instead of going around randomly, it is best to consider using one marketing strategy at a time. Then, see how it is going whether or not it works in your favor.

Don’t focus on getting thousands clients 

As mentioned that the most important thing for service business is not to gain thousands of clients. Keep in mind that your goal is to build profitable business. It means, the number of clients doesn’t matter as long as they are profitable who will pay higher prices for valuable outcomes. Trust the process of your marketing strategy. And if one way doesn’t work, use it but with another tweak until it has become a reliable source of clients. 

Build trust diligently

Building trust with your clients is such a huge matter when it comes to running service build trust, you need to create interaction in various ways. For example, build interaction on video, live, or in person. The point of the interaction is to make you get to know each other better. Try positioning yourself as expert and put your expertise at its best potential to be seen by clients. This increase the chance of them being turned into your avid fans. Do not forget to show off your brand through the best marketing. Market yourself in a way that can increase your brand visibility and presence.

Whale Shark Diving Indonesia, An Otherworldly Adventure

In case you didn’t know, August 30th is International Whale Shark Day. This event honors the huge monsters by encouraging everyone to participate in marine conservation initiatives targeted at protecting this shark species. While the rest of the world waits to travel again, Indonesia emerges as a fantastic tourist destination for seeing the various flora and wildlife, soaking up wonderful experiences, and engaging in environmentally conscious behavior. Is swimming with whale sharks something you’ve always wanted to do? Whale shark diving Indonesia

Whale Shark Diving Indonesia, An Otherworldly Adventure

Whale Shark Diving Indonesia in Sumbawa

In Sumbawa, seeing whale sharks is so simple that you can simply knock on the boat’s body and wait a little time for the huge shadow to appear on the water’s surface. Sumbawa’s whale shark features gray and white markings, a full mouth, and a penchant for little shrimp.

Swimming with Whale Sharks is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The fact that they have existed for millions of years adds to their allure for tourists—you only see sharks this big once in a lifetime.

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The first piece of advice when doing whale shark diving Indonesia is to make as little noise as possible. Try to enter the water carefully and feet-first, rather than jumping from the boat. The same is true for diving underwater: keep your fins below the water’s surface to minimize splash. All of this will keep the whale sharks from being startled.

Then, whenever a large whale shark swims close by, observe but never touch it. Even the tiniest touch from you can cause them to “stress” and float away in an instant.

Whale Shark Diving – Cendrawasih Bay

Due to the prospect of dramatic encounters with whale sharks, Indonesia’s Cenderawasih Bay has grown more popular as a dive destination in recent years. Whale sharks congregate around floating bagans, or fishing platforms, to feast on the small fish caught in fishermen’s nets dangling below the bagan.

In shallow water, there’s also an unidentified US landing craft that’s upside down and covered in coral, and it’s home to several curious batfish. The wreck at The Cross, named after the local Christian school, has a discernible hull suffused in soft and hard coral, particularly at the gracefully curved stern.

A sequence of short flights within Indonesia is required to reach Cenderawasih Bay. Travelers flying from Jakarta, Bali, or Surabaya must first fly to Makassar, then to Biak, before flying to Nabire or Manokwari in a small plane. Boats to Cenderawasih Bay leave from both locations.

Make careful to follow all of the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability) health guidelines when arranging whale shark diving in Indonesia. This entails always wearing your mask, washing your hands, and maintaining a safe physical distance from people.

Bad Sleep Habits That Leave You Feeling Older

When it comes to aging process, there are many factors that contribute to its rate. Some people may experience faster aging than others. Genetics play important role in this. However, it is reported that lifestyle can also affect someone’s aging process. Those who practice healthy lifestyle are said to have higher chance on having slower aging process. However, it needs more researches of course. 

Sleepless insomniac girl looking at alarm clock lying on a bed in the night at home

Bad sleep habits you should stop

There had been a research conducted that uncovered link between sleep pattern and self-perceptions of aging. Yes, aging is also a matter of perception. If you have already convinced yourself that your life after fifty will be going down hills, the chances are high for it to come true. So here are some of bad sleep habits that can leave you feeling older:

Lack of sleep

Poor sleep is often signed by the lack of it. It means you sleep less than  hours in a day. Most of the time, it leaves you feeling more exhausted during the day. You feel cranky, irritated, and mood swings. Lack of sleep can also affect your mindset in the matter of aging process. It makes you feel exhausted, hence, you perceive it as getting older. It can also affect your physical and mental health in general whether you like or not because lack of sleep affect how your hormone works in general. It causes so many health problems that may leave you feeling older than you are. 

Poor sleep quality

Many people may say they have enough sleep every night because they go to bed at nine and wake up at five or six in the morning. However, they are feeling fatigue, cranky, and many other discomforts. Therefore, it is essential to know that the seep itself should be in high quality. If you sleep 7 hours at night but you keep waking up due to the urge to go to the toilet, or simply being woken up by random things, it is probably the same as having lack of sleep. To avoid going to the toilet too frequent, limit your water intake before going to bed. And make sure to keep any noise or distractions away. 

Sleep and wake up late

Many people have been saying they feel significantly better to go to bed early and wake up early as well. They feel recharged and refreshed when waking up. It makes them able to focus on their task during the day and not easily get exhausted. Meanwhile, those who sleep and wake up late feel more sluggish and fatigue even though they sleep for more than 7 hours. Hence, it is highly recommended to go to bed and wake up early instead of the opposite. 

From many researches, aging is a matter of individual perceptions. However, it is possible for you to perceive more negative changes than other which can be detrimental to your future health mentally, physically, and cognitively. Poor sleep may leave you feeling older because you gain more negative perceptions. 

5 Best Komodo Sailing Trip

Scuba diving with manta rays is undoubtedly the most well-known aspect of Komodo diving. Komodo sailing trip is the finest method to dive. However, you should plan on diving for at least three days. However, diving for seven days is preferable. Which leads to the following Komodo liveaboard budget to scuba diving?

It used to be that you could only embark on a komodo liveaboard if you were, well, minted. Fortunately, such days are no longer with us. A large number of low-cost komodo liveaboard are currently available. While these trips are usually on smaller boats with less amenities, they still offer a variety of exciting activities such as water sports and excursions, as well as the opportunity to see komodo dragons up close.

In terms of diving itineraries, inexpensive komodo liveaboard avoids the southern section of the island, preferring instead to focus on the northern and central regions. These are the areas of Komodo national park that are most well-known, and they offer amazing underwater scenery, gigantic pelagics like manta rays, reef sharks, and turtles, as well as numerous big fish species and innumerable reef fish!

Best Komodo sailing trip budget – affordable cruise in more detail

If you want to get the most out of scuba diving, diving from a liveaboard is the way to go. Scuba diving from a Komodo sailing trip allows you to access dive areas that aren’t accessible from land. Komodo liveaboard budget as an option:

Derya Liveaboard

Derya Liveaboard

  • Up to 8 guests 
  • 4 cabins
  • Air Conditioning in all cabins
  • Snorkeling kit
  • Paddleboard
  • Floaties
  • 1 speedboat
  • Length: 22 m

Derya, with its medium size, has a pleasant sundeck area with soft bean bags where guests may watch the sunset while being offered fresh juices during their voyage. The Derya Liveaboard also has Floaties and a Paddle Board as a companion for spending time with the group for individuals seeking a unique experience.

Derya is a classic phinisi that been totally renovated in 2017 and is decorated in cool tones. With 5 experienced crew members onboard, this boat can accommodate up to 8 passengers. The upper deck’s lounge area is ideal for relaxing on a sunbed and taking in the breathtaking scenery, or perhaps practicing yoga.

Navila Liveaboard

  • Up to 12 guests
  • 6 Cabins
  • Air Conditioning in all cabins
  • Indoor & outdoor relax area
  • Hot water
  • Snorkeling gear
  • 1 speedboat
  • Home theater
  • Length: 28 m
Navila Liveaboard

Navila is a 28-meter yacht that is both elegant and daring, making it the ideal boat for a group of family and friends. Designed for people who want to explore Indonesia’s archipelago in the spirit of independence, curiosity, and passion. TheNavila has three outdoor leisure zones where guests can sleep in her comfortable lazy bed and pillows while capturing photos with Navila’s gopro, mirrorless, and drone.

Royal Fortuna

  • Up to 11 guests
  • 5 Cabins
  • Snorkeling set
  • Kayak
  • Speedboat
  • Air Conditioning: No
  • Length: 29 m
Royal Fortuna Liveaboard

Royal Fortuna is a traditional phinisi that is 29 meters long and was built in Indonesia before being renovated in 2017. With a maximum capacity of 11 guests, Royal Fortuna has a large deck with sunbeds and beanbags that can accommodate all of the guests for relaxing, watching the sunset, or even practicing yoga in an open area deck.

Samara I Liveaboard

  • Up to 12 guests
  • 5 Cabins
  • Air Conditioning in all cabins
  • Hot water
  • Snorkeling set
  • 2 Paddle Boards
  • Speedboat
  • Sound System
  • Length: 27m
Samara I Liveaboard

A maximum of 12 passengers can be accommodated on the Samara I. It’s a modern phinisi boat with a length of 27 meters and a width of 5,5 meters, making it the ideal boat for exploring the islands around Komodo. The Samara I’s crew is kind, pleasant, and always willing to assist.

Samara II Liveaboard

  • Up to 10 guests
  • 4 Cabins
  • Air Conditioning in all cabins
  • Snorkeling set
  • Speedboat
  • Paddleboard
  • Length: 23m
Samara II Liveaboard

Samara II is a classic phinisi with brightly colored textiles and natural wood tones. There is no better position to see the Komodo islands than from the sundeck of the Samara II, where you can enjoy the spectacular dawn, sunset, and night sky. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will make your favorite cocktail, making it the ideal spot to while away the hours.