Building Efficient Payroll System For Your Business

Payroll processing can be a  handful especially if do it manually with no reliance to anybody or tools. Hence, it is best that you build your own payroll system that works for your business while also putting your employees’ best interests. Processing payroll properly is  a must as to not cause any liability to your business. Payroll is one of the most important things because you have to pay the people who work for your company properly and fairly. With a proper system, it will help mitigate risks while also vastly improve your business operations. 

Business woman, hand holding mobile smart phone, writing and signing cheque book, with laptop computer on the desk at modern office. Business payment and paycheck concept.

How to create efficient payroll system

Processing payroll involves detailed documentation system to track who is working for your company. It also stores information of how long they have been working for you and how much money you are spending on labor. There are many ways you can do payroll processing. You can do it manually and rely on your own calculations, use software, or hire professional payroll service. 

If you hire payroll service, the system is automatically set up though the company. If you use software to process payroll, it may lessen your burden of doing it manually. If you choose to build your own system, make sure that you have important elements such as employee wages, employee hour, deduction and withholding, tax documents, direct deposits and payments, etc. 

Organization and planning

To create the right system for payroll processing, you need organization and planning. You can set up your system and the information and documentation will flow through it. And last, you are able to report on important business aspects. As you plan your payroll system, make sure to do the following steps:

Collect preliminary information to process the payroll which include all information regarding to your EIN, state and local tax ID numbers, as well as employee information. Then, you can set up payroll schedule so you know exactly when to pay your employees be it weekly, biweekly, semiweekly, monthly, etc. You also need to establish payroll tax payment dates to ensure you are not lagged behind.

The next thing to do is process payroll manually. It means you need to calculate various elements such as employee hourly schedules and overtime pay, gross pay, deductions, and net pay. To build proper payroll system, you also need to keep and document payroll records. Make sure that you also report new hires to the IRS following the right timeline. You need to stay up to date on any mistakes or possible miscalculations. Keep in mind that all reports should be presented to the IRS. 

Setting up your own payroll system can be challenging in the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. However, having proper payroll system will save you a lot from any unnecessary mistakes that can be costly to your business. With the right payroll system, everything will stay organized. With successful payroll, it is highly likely for your business to thrive even more. Follow the right road map to create the right system for payroll processing.