Secret of Flores: 4 Extraordinary Things to Do On Your Next Flores Komodo Tour

Flores, the name of remotely beautiful island in Indonesia that you have probably never heard of, though it’s just one stone throw away from the world famous Bali and Lombok. But if you are a keen traveler, you must have heard of Komodo National Park. The one and only natural habitat for the last colony of Komodo dragons on the entire earth—which made it as a treasured UNESCO World Heritage and one of the New 7 Wonder of Nature. And here’s the things. When people think about the Komodo National Park and Flores, they will mostly think of the popular things; walking tor with three meter long Komodo dragons, diving in the marine parks, having beach galore, and embarking the tropical sailing trip. But Flores, being separated from the Komodo Islands, has so much more to offer than just the gigantic lizards. Here, we comprise five hidden gems in Flores that worth a visit on your upcoming Flores Komodo tour!

Hidden Gems for Your Flores Komodo Tour Ideas

Hidden Gems for Your Flores Komodo Tour Ideas

Kelimutu Sunrise Watch 

Looming above Flores’ mainland, the Kelimutu mountain offers spectacular sunrise view that’s totally hard to miss. With three ever-changing multicoloured crater lakes on its top, watching the sun rise on the horizon and spread the first light of the day upon what seems to be paint-water lakes feels particularly impressive.

The Cunca Rami Waterfall

Located across verdant green rice paddies and undisclosed beyond lush forest, not everyone could see the stunning Cunca Rami waterfall. This hidden gem is one of Flores’ most famous and scenic waterfall—despite being greatly isolated and almost inaccessible. To reach Cunca Rami, you need to go up and down a winding road, left your car or scooters on the last village, and continue the journey by hiking through the hills. The road to get to the waterfall is very scenic though, as you can see the waterfall cascading from over 100 meters height granite rock cliff on the mountain. Once you reach the waterfall, you will see the water falls on large, turquoise pool where you can swim on its translucent water. The Cunca Rami waterfall is indeed a pleasant cut of paradise in the midst of wilderness, and is definitely a challenging Flores Komodo tour to do. 

Swim in Rangko Cave

Once you leave Labuan Bajo behind, you probably won’t find any pool soon. But don’t be fooled—as Flores’ best pool is located deep inside the forest. Walk cuts Rangko Village’s jungles and find the Rangko Cave with its magnificent stalactite and stalagmite. Not far from the mouth of the cave you will find a secret swimming hole filled with crystal clear water, shining in beautiful glow from the rays of sunlight. Also, the pool is high in saltwater content, making it easier for anyone to stay afloat. 

Snorkel at 17 Islands Marine Park

The sub-district Riung is known for their 17 Islands Marine Park, which would add another highlight to your Flores Komodo tour. The islands—which are actually comprised of more than 20 small islands—are largely inhabited, where various exotic creatures such as Timor deers, marsupials, hedgehogs, ferrets, monkeys, and medium-sized Komodo dragons could roam free. Aside from the wild fauna habitants, the park is mainly preserved to protect the fragile and wonderful aquatic world. Ring’s water is among world’s best marine park, with more than 27 species of corals and home to plenty of marine life. Snorkelling in these water almost taste like heaven! The beaches are equally beautiful, too, with stark white beach descending gradually to tranquil waters, backdropped with jagged mountain in the far back.