What Guests Really Wants in A Seminyak Private Villa Bali

What Guests Really Wants in A Seminyak Private Villa Bali

With the saturated market of villas and hotels in Seminyak, Bali, it’s not always easy to attract guests to your property. In order to lure guests in, you need to be relevant and providing. In the meanwhile, amenities could really set your Seminyak private villa Bali apart from competitors. So if you want to attract more guests, you really need to listen what they need from your property. Here are some ideas of what travelers want on their vacation home. 

Air Conditioned Room in Seminyak Private Villa Bali

Holiday makers that flock to Bali for summer getaway seek the tropical breeze, but sometimes the heat is just too much. Having the ability to cool down the space where guests lay down to rest would substantially increase their comfort when they arrive during the hot season. If your home does not have air conditioning, you should have at least one fan installed in each bedroom to create a nice breeze at night.

Airport Transfers and Accommodated Tours

Rather than forcing passengers to book these services elsewhere, form a partnership with any local businesses and offer them as add-ons. You could provide several types of transfers and tours, such as pick-up and drop-off at the airport, transfers between cities, car and driver rental, or tours around Bali. Having a pick up service is very helpful especially as some of the nicest Seminyak private villa in Bali are tucked away deep in the corners!

Kitchen and Kitchen Amenities

Kitchen and Kitchen Amenities

Guests living in a beach home, unlike those staying in a hotel or resort, are normally responsible for their own food. This is why your visitors will be looking for a well-equipped kitchen. Invest in high-quality cooking utensils, as well as flatware, bowls, and plates. Many visitors would also expect extras like a coffee maker and complimentary condiments. Your Seminyak private villa Bali will get good reviews if you put special efforts by stocking up all the kitchen essentials. A sufficient quantity of plates, glasses, mugs, and silverware is essential. As a nice finishing touch, include wine glasses and bottle openers.

Basic seasonings like salt and pepper should always have on hand, but varied spices, cooking oils, and a healthy supply of coffee, tea, and sugar will really impress your guests.

More Adapters and Chargers!

The majority of visitors will have their own adapters, but even the most experienced travelers can forget, lose, or break them. They’ll think of you as a lifesaver if you keep a supply of universal adapters and chargers on hand.

A Hairdryer

As an owner of Seminyak private villa in Bali, you should never underestimate how helpful a hairdryer is to the guests. Especially those who spend all day long going round trip between the pools and the beach. No one wants to lug around a cumbersome hair accessory. Hairdryers linked to the wall are sometimes provided by hotels as a solution to this problem. Travelers like dryers that allow them to go out the door quickly (and enjoy their holiday). You could even put a bag on the dryer and hang it on a hook or in one of your bathroom drawers to dress it up.

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Rattan Furnitures 

When guests fly to Bali, they want to take good pictures of their holiday. Especially young travelers—they want their villa to be Instagram-ready. And rattan is all in Seminyak’s hottest trend today! Rattan has an inherent tropical quality that immediately sets a faraway feel—maybe because it’s made from a climbing vine found throughout Southeast Asia. Due to its soft core, it’s often used to make woven furniture, most notably for wicker, and its hard stem can be shaped into furniture legs. And, like wood, it can be painted and stained. The beauty of rattan is its organic nature that adds a textural quality wherever you put it.